Thursday, June 4, 2009

Entrepreneur in the Making

Gracie: (coloring early in the morning) “Hey, Mom, I was thinking I could sell my artwork for about $30.00.”
Mama: “What would you do with $30.00?”
Gracie: “Buy a Webkinz. Wait. Is that enough to buy two big Webkinz?”

Should I be a bit disturbed by her desire to have more since we just bought a new webkinz 2 days ago? Maybe not. I'm reminded that we all have the desire for more. The only difference is that my list comes in the form of new clothes, paint and decor for my bedroom, an even better camera so my current one could be a back-up for those important family outings, new flooring, new cookware, cruise, improved landscaping, etc.

Although, I do have to give props to this little girl for doing her best to work for it. She says, "Mom my hand is really hurting, but I'll never give up."

Showing off her colored artist fingers.

I tell her that we are not selling her artwork in the front yard. This is her reaction...

Instead, I tell her that I will put them on my blog and see what comes of it. ;) Here's a few of her 20+ pictures she's made today. As I post this, she's still hard at work in hopes to buy the Jack Russell Terrier & Arctic Fox Webkinz.

Rainbow... complete with pot of gold.

Flowers... complete with roots.

Teddy Bear.

Gracie's personal favorite.


  1. I have to tell you that much to my mothers chagrin, I would take my art creations and go DOOR TO DOOR to sell them in my neighborhood....often! it makes me laugh now and smile at how sweet my neighbors were to indulge me!!

  2. Adorable!

    This reminds me of the time (I was about 7 or so) that I went around our neighborhood with homemade flyers letting folks know that I would walk their dogs for $5.00 a pop. I should've thought to charge more! :-)

  3. Such the Savvy business lady :) She is so cute.

  4. reminds me of babysitting fliers my friend and i made up at the age of 11. i wound up with a job watching 4 boys all summer. i think i made $50/ of them was only 6 weeks old! what was that mom thinking?!?

    she is very talented! love the rainbow!

  5. i needed money (and i still do)


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