Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Do they have to grow up?

It starts when the baby is born.
You can't wait for that little bundle of joy to say... anything, really.
You just know it will be music to your ears.
The first words.
The first steps.
The first time they smile... on purpose.
The first time they sleep through the night...
after being gently rocked.
The first time they sit in a 'big-girl seat'.
The first time they 'go potty'.
The first Christmas.
The first birthday cake.

Before I knew it, the cake had a #7 on it.
And now...
I find myself reminiscing about all the firsts of my youngest again.

This lil' girl who constantly reminds me that she can't wait to be a teenager,
wants to revisit the days of her youth once more too. ;)

She tries on a dress from the 'save' pile from years ago
and requests that her hair be put in 'piggy tails'.

Does anyone notice the embroidery that used to be around her waist
is now sitting at her armpits?

She tries to escape inside before I can snap the picture.
She is no match for my quick-draw-camera-ready-hand.
Where does the time go?

Snapping pictures... and still frantically looking for the pause button.

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  1. if you find that pause button.....share it's location!!!

    so sweet!


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