Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Well, this is Unacceptable

It was unacceptable when I could only walk 1 1/2 miles today because it was so hot (during the only time I could walk the dog). Poor Jasmine was panting so fast & hard, I was afraid to make her go any further.

However, it was acceptable when Starbucks graciously offered Jazzy some water to which she refused... waiting for her puppy foam.

It was unacceptable when the scout meeting ran late. It was unacceptable when I spilled the beans because I was in a hurry and hit every red light between here and the scout ceremony. It would have nothing to do with the fact that I filled the container a lil' too much.

Gracie walked into my bedroom and stated, "Well, this is unacceptable." She was holding her new navy pants between two fingers a distance from her body as if to say... disgusting. Why, you ask? I can see how one would be curious. They are just pants, right? Well, these were not just any ol' pants. These were boy pants.

You see, the evil wind we have had lately flew a plate of pink paint onto her navy uniform pants at her last scout meeting. With the ceremony coming up, I did what I had to do in a pinch. So, shopping in the boy's section was a must the day before the end of the year scout ceremony!

Oh, and Mama telling this about her? Also unacceptable... I'm sure.

It was acceptable when A-Nator began making new friends already in the next level class she will be attending. I admire her boldness in making new friends. I want to be like her.

The tech-savvy talent display was a bit unacceptable.

The star of this show was quite acceptable, as well as the friends they all made... and badges n' honors earned. It makes a Mama proud.

Home at last! Chillaxin' with my second sippy cup of the day & my girls... while watching Biggest Loser on the DVR... Acceptable. I rewarded myself with a 2nd cup for getting through the events of the day by my lonesome... with some sanity (although that could be up for debate). DK sent more pix from his trip to Alaska. I'll have to post those later.

Seeing A-Nator get excited about crochet... Acceptable (even if she only wants to make a chain for now).
My patience in teaching a left-handed 7 yr old crochet... Unacceptable? (we'll figure it out)

I still can't believe Helen won on the Biggest Loser. Maybe there should be a penalty for losing too much weight?! I'm sure she is in better shape than when she began her journey, but she kind of lost my vote when she sent her daughter home earlier in the season... Unacceptable. I'm just sayin'.

After I put the girls to bed, I watched American Idol. Wow... Those boys can sing. I'm still a huge Gokey fan, but Chris has pipes too... Acceptable.

I will admit it. Adam is good. Not my style, but still really good. I only wish he could master the art of keeping his tongue in his mouth while hitting those high notes... Unacceptable. Again, I'm just sayin'.


  1. and this totally acceptable! :)

    Please send some of that heat our way!

  2. I notice that you had a 2nd cup. Ha. We think alike about BL and AI. That's (as the Jo the British nanny says) "asseptable."

  3. Love the post very acceptable. I love that the pooch turned her nose up to water that is hilarious. Poor A-Nator and her boy pants, but a momma has to do what a mamma has to do when your in a pinch right;) I don't watch AI or BL, I know... Gasp what is wrong with me???

  4. in total agreement about AI ... love Danny, but Chris won the night for me. And, Adam and the tongue thing has to go. Gross.

  5. I tried to comment on this twice last night, but apparently they were servicing blogger, so my comments didn't go through. Bummer!

    I thought the same thing about Adam's tongue...maybe he's trying to be KISS or something. EWWW! I'm still voting for Danny, but Kris did awesome for sure! It sounds like you were having a whole lot of unacceptable things going on in your world, but thankfully you did have a few acceptable things too. :)


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