Thursday, April 16, 2009

God's Little Princess

"I'm a Princess"
Those are shirts I never bought for my girls when they were really little. I always associated those words with someone who thought of themselves greater than others. I didn't want to raise a 'snob in training' if you know what I mean?? That was, until I read "Gigi, God's little Princess" to my girls. I was convicted.
We ARE Princess'... God's little Princess'.
Bring on the Princess T-shirts, tiaras, tutus and all!

We recently took the girls to their 3rd Disney on Ice show. What was different this time? My girls didn't wear their princess costumes. Partly because we wanted the destination to be a surprise. However, if I thought they would have (and still fit them), I would have put them in full costume (complete with makeup) as we have done in times past.

*Deep Sigh*

My girls are growing up, but they will always be a princess.
God's... mine and their Daddy's.

Some pix during Intermission.

Gracie, look at the camera...

Reverse Psychology.... ok, don't look at the camera.

Now she won't stop looking at the camera.

Wow. Does this face scare you as much as it did me?!! Is there not an 'extra tiny' size option for pictures like this? I sometimes play this expression up for the sake of the camera, but at some point I remember feeling like this on the inside.
The row in front of us kept getting up and down and up and down and up and... well, you get the picture. I wanted to put the adults in time-out... especially for buying everything that walked by only to be followed by questions from our girls as to why they can't have it all.

*insert momentary lapse of sanity and h-mama whine*

In the row behind me, the little girl kept kicking my chair during the first half of the show. I am not normally a claustrophobic person, but I don't do well navigating through big crowds of people. H-Mama needs her personal space or does she just have pms?! ;)

Once she starts, she just can't stop hamming it up. I love that lil' girl!

Was this Daddy's momentary lapse of sanity?
Nah... just hamming it up too.

My sweethearts.
The girls said that this was the "best surprise ever".
They say that for just about any surprise. I love that about them.
All in all, we really had a great time and left with sanity in tow... or at least most of it.


  1. Know what I love the most about all of this? The fact that your hubby went along, too, and truly looks like he is enjoying his time with his sweet girls...even it if is a girly Princess thing!

    I hope this show comes near us daughter would flip out!

  2. I am always surrounded by those kind of people when we do something like that, so I totally fell your pain! Besides the crazy people around you, it looks like y'all had a blast!


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