Monday, April 27, 2009

Bayou or Bust

The Bayou... or as they say, down the bayou. DK flew to La for work last Wednesday to be gone for the week. We have roots there, so I wanted to bring the girls to not only see Daddy, but to visit family as well. Here's some of our trip thus far...

H-Mama is tired after lots of packing and loading. Oh, and remember the sleepover the girls were invited to? Well, they didn't last the night. 1:30 am I got the call... Jasmine and I picked the girls up. They had fun, but missed Mommy. I missed them too. The house was too quiet.

I could use a nice Chai tea, but I press on... reaching for the mark.... ;)

My sweet baby girl is still hurting, but she's our optimist. I will be bringing her to the doctor on Thursday. For now, she is distracted by her excitement of seeing the family...

Do you see a Starbucks anywhere?! Where is Aunt D when we need her? She would know where to find one...

I'm not sure if Gracie just needed a good stretch or if she was doing her part in helping to keep H-Mama alert.
Jasmine, oblivious to all of the excitement. She's been down this road before and knows it will be awhile. Although, her snoring is not helping me with being alert. She needs her puppy foam they spoil her with at Starbucks. :)

We arrive and have had lots of fun, food and... games! :D Have I mentioned that we like Apples to Apples? ;) Fun Game. Good times...


  1. i'm loving the pic of jasmine! does she really drink the foam at SBs?

  2. Fun road trip, but no Starbucks. I hope you got some coffee when you got there:)

  3. The dog is pretty smart!! Too bad she can't drive then y'all could of switched places!!

    We have the game Apples to Apples, never played it though....

  4. That looks like FUN! However I do tend to mapquest all the starbucks on the way. I like how Jasmine does her part! If she is like my husband when he is the copilot, she isn't really sleeping, just "resting her eyes".

  5. Are you in my neck of the woods? We should have arranged something.

  6. yep... jasmine is totally spoiled for her 'puppy foam' as we are our chai tea (grande, non-fat, 1 pump s/f hazelnut, no water to be exact ;) she is SUCH a great traveler!

    yep... we homeschool. we will be starting our 5th year soon. wow... can't hardly believe it myself sometimes. we love the flexible schedule.

    we always have lots of laughs with apples to apples... of course it takes great company too. :)

    mapquest starbucks, jenn? spoken like a true (former) manager of a starbucks.

    yes, we need to arrange a visit soon, mama belle! :)


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