Monday, July 9, 2012

june/july ~ week 26-27 {we really should get out more}

welcome to our bloggy... err... i mean, our instagram feed.
at least, that what it seems to be as of late.

here's the rundown of our last two weeks.  two weeks?  where does the time go??


hubs took the girls to work for a bit.  i think he bought them frozen yogurt, too.  mama would be jealous, but mama enjoyed quiet for a couple of hours.  at home.  alone.  qui-et.

gracie dressed and organized her american girl dolls for a henry viii and wives family reunion.  heads attached. ;) too cute!

not as cute?  mama at the gym.  finding a food/exercise routine again is proving to be more than challenging.  gone are the days in which the girls' routines rotated around mine... now i'm chasing theirs.  and it keeps changing.  oi.


pool play-date with a load of homeschoolers anyone?  how about some math?  and several hours of it to complete a relaxing day?  if that doesn't work, how about an afternoon of running errands through congested traffic due to construction?  i have it...

how about a surprise breakfast, compliments of a certain 10 year old, to celebrate a new holiday made up by said 10 yr old... national homeschool teacher's day?  yep.  that will do it.  hahhh...


pool.  math.  errands.  pool.  math.  errands.  not necessarily in that order.  noticing a theme?
oh, wait.  yummy vanilla from mexico, compliments of friends who happened to be passing that way.  nom-nom.

assisting dad at the theater for work-day.  seeing a show.  nunsense, to be exact.  taking performance pix. 


gracie found a sign for a bald spot in our kitchen.  tempting, but we passed.  

organizing shelves and school papers from our year.  i predict i'll be going through them again for the coming year.  homeschool + bookshelves = the project that never ends.  

at least i came across a gym of a paper nator wrote.
list of rules:
 1. i can read wherever whenever i like.
 2. love one another with hugs and kisses.
 3. wear modest clothing.
 4. play piano when i like to.
 5. help the homeless and hungry.
 6. let the cat in my room when it's clean.
 7. love people big and small.
 8. i can hug and kiss gracie (when she's in a good mood).
 9. care for all creatures, but vampires.

time with friends on july 4th. an annual tradition. love.


hub's birthday was celebrated with the news of work needing to be done on our 'good' vehicle, adjustable weights, homemade cards, and for a lil' balance... marble slab.  nomnom.

our last event was a much anticipated girlie gathering.  more on that soon...

but not to be outdone by the excitement of a new dictionary.  never-ever-ever thought i'd see the day in which gracie would be jumping up and down over a dictionary.  harry potter edition, that is.

so how is your week?


  1. I'm going to have to tell my girls about this new holiday--maybe even prompt them with some ideas? Hmm… : )

    Totally understand the mama's schedule now being dictated by the girls' schedule! Right now they're in the last 2 weeks of rehearsals for Grease and it's gonna get crazy!

    Em and I just started reading Harry. I held off for a long time, just because I wasn't sure…

    We haven't done a bit of school since the 2nd week of June. I think I'm ready now for a bit more of a routine. Sounds strange, but I'm hearing, "I'm bored" a little too often!

    Enjoy your week!

    1. i'm still unsure about harry, but i keep plugging along because it's one of the first book series gracie can't put down! we watched the goblet of fire movie last night... *shivers*

  2. With that schedule, I think I would enjoy the quiet at home when I could too!!!

    The list of rules was too cute!! I definitely agree that we don't need to care for vampires! :)

    Looks and sounds like your summer is just as fun and busy as your year!!!

    Thanks for all your prayers, I am so blessed to have such great bloggy friends!!

  3. I love your 'kiss better than I cook' sign! Very cute! Lovely pictures as always, and yes, it often seems that I am chasing the kids schedules here as well. :)

    1. guess it's just this season of motherhood that we are in... i will miss it one day. *sigh*

  4. Thank goodness for iphones so I can stay entertained with blogs during swimming lessons! ;) Keep enjoying those sweet girlies!

    1. amen! i have a love/hate with technology... but it certainly has its perks, yes? ;)

  5. I love seeing all your Instagram pictures! Love the new National holiday. I will have to tell Keilee about that! Where is Nator in the first set of pictures? The purple room? Is that your theatre? That is too cool looking.

    Love Nator's list. I was smiling reading it. I am about to get that book today. I can't believe I didn't know it existed. I have to get started on our bookshelves. It is so overwhelming. They start out so lovely at the first of the they look like a bomb has struck! What Math are y'all using again? Love your updates HMama ;)

    1. thank you, karen. :)

      nator was at the theater with her dad for work day... my work came later when i was drafted to shoot & edit a bazillion performance/cast pix. ;)

      gracie carries the dictionary around 'with' the hp books now. too cute.

      we use teaching textbooks. nator tried saxon last year... although she did well, she missed the 'fun' TT applies to each lesson to make it more interesting. ;)

  6. Hey -- we just got that same Harry Potter vocabulary builder! I am addicted to instagram and always enjoy seeing your pics on there!

  7. Looks like a fabulous Summer! Instagram can be quite addicting...I love looking at all the pics!

  8. I love your instagram feed and that holiday Gracie made up!!!! I am trying to get in a gym routine myself. I do great when we are on a "break" from school...but as soon as we start up again...miserable fail.

    I have homeschool shelves that are in desperate need of organizing! ALL.THE.TIME.


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