Monday, December 5, 2011

a traditional {thanks}giving

if you follow my instagram, you already know we didn't have a "traditional" thanksgiving.

it seems we've developed a different tradition 'round here.
thanksgiving = shamu.

we bought passes to sea world and fiesta texas last year that were to expire the weekend of our trip.  that, combined with hubby's hotel points made it a fairly budget-friendly family vacation this year.


our room{s} were quite posh.  yes, plural.  hubs booked the girls a room {with 2 double beds} that adjoined to ours, via a sitting room.  i told you it was posh.  down-right swanky, if you will.  i mean, i finally got to try a 'rain shower'.  in 3.5 seconds, i realized it wouldn't be at the top my list in dream home necessities.  kinda like showering under a waterfall? {not that i've ever done that} but i like to breathe. 


our first day was spent driving to our destination, then getting re-acquainted with sea world for a few hours.  we {heart} sea world.


day two, thanksgiving day, was spent watching some of the macy's day parade in our rooms, then we headed out to black-eyed pea for their thanksgiving menu... with all of the other families who didn't cook. ;)  the only down side is that you can't snack on leftovers later.

we did our go-'round-the-table-and-tell-us-what-you're-thankful-for tradition.  basically, everyone is thankful for everything.  gracie made sure to let us know that she was least thankful for... having to eat a few bites of turkey. we're such mean parents. ;) 


we spent the rest of the day at sea world.  again.
gracie trying to eat over-sized candy canes. 
seeing faces in trees.  do you see it?
meeting mistletoe-man.
waiting for shamu, while enjoying christmas tunes via saxophone... played by tobey mcguire. at least that's what i thought about him.  who doesn't love a good saxophone?  *sigh*


we had to visit our friend from last year.  the king penguin.  i love their waddle.  and bad hair days {you know, when they lose their feathers} *giggle*  nator has a thing for penguins.  all birds, really.  i have a thing for her.  she's a cutie.  and oh so smart.

then there were the sea lion pups.  oh. so. adorable.

we watched a handful of shows.  shamu being my fave, as always.  thus we watched it twice. {i love when the animals decide they want to play in the big tanks near the audience... instead of rotating to the back pens during the show.  it's a show-stopper. literally. cute. well, when the babies do it, that is.} 

drank hot chocolate late in the evening when it cooled off. listened to christmas music.

gracie's faaaaavorite was feeding and especially petting a dolphin.  you would have thought she had met justin beiber in person.  her dolphin's name was nikki.  full of adorable personality.

now she wants a dolphin.
we told her we'd put it right next to that horse she wants.

it would be easier for them to {one day} work at sea world.
that's always something they dream of when we visit.


who knows... when my day-job changes, i may send a resume' to sea world myself. i'm used to working with animals, you know?


day 3 of our trip to come...
see.  traditional, right?


  1. I haven't been to Sea World in looks like such a fun day. Being with family and feeling thankful is what the day is all about, no matter where its spent.

  2. Looks like such a great trip!

    Wow, I may have wanted to just hang out in the hotel rooms the whole time! Sa-waaahn-keeee!

    I always love reading your blog...your love for your family and life shines through.

  3. What a great time! Love Nator's hat in the first set of pictures. LOL at you working with animals - not sure Jas would agree :)

  4. I love your 'Traditional NOT' Thanksgiving. I would honestly love that sort of holiday for us. Love all the pictures too. Your girls always look like they are having the greatest time! I love that. Of course YOU always look like that too.

    The penguins are adorable! What a great trip. LOL on Gracie wanting a dolphin. Keilee wants whatever animal she is looking at.

  5. Thank you for stopping by and leaving hugs....means a lot. :)

    You guys always have the best vacation and trip pictures! Your girls are so blessed to have such hip and fun parents!

  6. Swwwanky! Love your Thanksgiving celebration pictures and would like to invite myself to come along next year. Mmm-kay? Thanks. Just call me Auntie Londa. :)

  7. Yay for non-traditional! Looks like a fun trip. Love the giant candy cane pic. Oh, and I haven't eaten at a Black-Eyed Pea since my college days in Colorado. We loved that place!


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