Tuesday, July 5, 2011

behold, the cuteness...


still on day 3 {this series will end at some point. promise.}, we ventured through wasilla, ak.  it is a seemingly self-proclaimed redneck capital.  this might explain something about a certain former vice presidential candidate's grand-baby daddy. *ehem*

while i agree it didn't leave a posh impression, it didn't really strike me as more redneck than other places i've ventured into in the lower 48.

lower 48.  alaskan talk.  *giggle*

i was only disappointed that there were seemingly only chain restaurants.  mainly only chili's.  and fast-food.  chili's it is then.  it's all about the food in the end, right?



i wanted to visit this place.
the iditarod headquarters.

if there's one thing you're sure to see this time of year in alaska,
it's people walking their dogs.
i imagine this doesn't happen much throughout the winter months.

so, if one is going to get a true taste of alaska,
one must see what this dog-driven sport is all about.


we were greeted by the father of the iditarod, joe redington sr.
well, his statue, anyway.

he was truly passionate about dogs.
and how they could perform.
something that he must have passed on to his son.

his son, joe redington jr., took us on a lil' ride.


you can see mr. redington's dark hat floating above hubby's shoulder.
it was attached to mr. redington.  i promise.
we saw him, but he didn't talk much.  he smiles.
maybe you befriend quiet on those long rides.
his wife was kind enough to take this great photo with my camera.

these beautiful dogs seem to enjoy their line of work.
chomping at the bits to run.
the dog on the back row, {your left in the picture below} helped mr. redington jr. win 7th place last year.


we were moving fast in no time at all on the well-worn path.
they knew just what to do.
and what the seemingly foreign commands were being called out from behind us.


ummm... our dog knows the sound of whipped cream from a can.
and the jingle of the car keys.

and when i ask her these questions:
do you wanna go for a ride?
do you wanna go for a walk?
are you starvin'?
are you hungry?
are you ready to eat?
she gives me that cute-tilted-puppy-head-expression.

race registration was starting the week we were in alaska.  hubs passed on the opportunity.  personally, i don't think i'd have the heart to work a dog quite like that.  maybe that's just me?


among other things, i always feel sorry for the doggy's feet.
apparently, these help.
lil' booties that velcro around their cute lil' paws.
if you squint real hard, you can see the tree behind us in a picture above decorated with these adorable booties.
so stinkin' cute.


when the dogs are not looking for another customer to pull,
you will find them... resting.


this retired lead dog, anna, came out to say hello to me for a brief moment.
she looked too tired to socialize and quickly went back in her lil' house when she heard the pack of dogs bringing the last customers around the path.
she's purdy, huh?


hubs made a friend, too.
as hubby walked away, this fellow jumped down in hopes of getting even more attention.  he was a friendly chap.


but the cuteness...
i die.

this lil' bundle whimpered a sweet puppy breath whimper,
until it snuggled its nose into my jacket.
and then it fell fast asleep.


is there anything like holding a 2 week old baby...
then handing it back.
you know, before it poops.

in short,
i'd love to learn more about this sport.
these dogs are amazing.
and seeing the sport in action would be quite exhilarating.

i have puppy love.
the end.

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  1. Hey! I'm finally getting caught up on some reading. Great pictures. Gorgeous scenery. Looks like you two had a fabulous time.

    Ahhh....puppy breath. It just doesn't last very long. ahaha.

    Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  2. I would so want to sneak that little guy home with me! My family has had huskies for a long time and they are amazing dogs. I always assumed the sled dogs were pure huskies or malamutes but some are just dogs with a strong desire to work! Thank you for sharing. I hope someday I can see the same sights!

  3. Aw, I love that little husky puppy!

    you got some amazing photos!! love the one of the sled dogs from behind running and that precious puppy ! i love puppy breath!

  4. oh my word! how fun is that!?!!! and that puppy is adorable!

  5. How did you get away from that little puppy without being tempted to stick him in your pocket? Sooo sweet!


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