Friday, June 3, 2011

memorial day weekend extravaganza

lil' girlie costumes.
a total of 20 changes.
in one day.


2 dress rehearsals.
2 performances.
in one day.

family in town.
spinning on tap shoes.
silliness with friends.

backstage mama drama.
oh dear.
not my cup of tea.


gracie in ballet, jazz, tap, and hip hop.
nator in ballet and tap.
dvd player.
dad bringing lunch and dinner.
tired mama.


dance recital gift of build a bear.
at the rainforest cafe'.
it's loud there.
but they had a sweet balloon-animal-maker-lady.
tinkerbell and hello kitty.


family of 7 trip to the beach.
memorial day weekend.
a lot of people.
the first time granny had been here since she was a little girl.


inner-tube fun.
daddy gets pink.


sand castles.


inner-tube tutus.
salty air.
running toward water.
past knee depth... only with an adult.


and fun.


it twas a memorable memorial day weekend.
i think we're still recovering. ;)


  1. oh my goodness what a busy but fun weekend!!!

    Love all the pictures!! But the one in the top left corner of the group of 9.....your husband looks like a smurf! hee! hee!

  2. funny, sara! we were sitting right next to a huge water fountain and a rainbow projected on the wall. made for weird coloring, huh? ;)

  3. What a fun, but tiring weekend!! I honestly don't remember our weekend, except it was my boy's bday. Everything else was a blur. :) Poor Sassy was in bed early every single day, this week, cuz she couldn't handle it anymore.

  4. Looks like a great weekend!

    I love when we spend time with family (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents) I love knowing the girls will have those memories!

  5. My goodness...the love!!

    Great weekend and such talented girls.

  6. What a great time!!! I bet being at the back again brought back a lot of memories for Granny. How sweet.

    Okay, I absolutey LOVE the girls in the go-go boots and vintage looking dresses. Just.too.cute.!!!

    Your posts always look like an article out of Parenting magazine....just adore that about you and your bunch!

  7. Oh those busy days that drive us crazy, that we wouldn't miss for the world because it's all for our kids... I hear that we will miss them so very much one day.

    Memorial day sounds like a blast. I'm sorry we missed out! :)

  8. Gorgeous pictures! My girls stopped dance but I know all to well the frenzy that is recital season! There is something special though, about celebrating a year's worth of effort on stage, in front of friends and family, in outfits that make you feel like a fairy...... Glad they enjoyed it! Glad you survived it!

  9. What an amazing weekend! Love the girls in their costumes. Aren't performances exhausting! I swear they exhaust me more than Kei.

    Love the beach pictures too. I love Daddy in Pink. How cute is that? Hope you have recovered by now.

  10. Sounds like a good time! No wonder you've been away! Oh, the drama...just couldn't handle it!

  11. Cute cute cute! Love the go-go boots :) and I'm jealous of the ocean :(

  12. So fun! Love the green dresses! So adorable!

  13. 20 costume changes in ONE day?!?! YIKES!!! I bet you were completely wiped out! But your girlies look absolutely beautiful in their outfits! Looks like a fun day (at least for the kids, right?) ;)

    The beach looks so inviting! I love how you capture the moment so perfectly in your pictures!

  14. CUTE little dancers!! and OH MY... I don't know how you do it... my life is busy... that is busier! ?? ;) worth every minute I am sure!! So cute... and proud... they appear to be!! ;)

    it is killing me softly... (with these photos all over blog land!)... of the beach!! ;) SO sweet that the granny got to go after SO many years!! I have to see the beach annually... helps that we live so close... my favorite one is three hours away... Bliss... I am almost counting down the days!

  15. what fun you guys have been having! love their dresses and the pics of your beach trip!

  16. These are all such happy photos!!


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