Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a mother's day survey

For fun, my mom likes to....
Nator: "love me. BIG Hug!!!"
Gracie:  "spend time with family."

My mom's favorite food is...
Nator:  "lazanya. yumm! :)"
Gracie:  "saled and almost everything."

Mom is good at...
Nator:  "cooking and hugging and kissing."
Gracie:  "everything but mostly teacher and a mom."


Together, my mom and I like to...
Nator:  "do history and science and (sometimes) watch movies together."
Gracie:  "play games, spend time with each other."

I love my mom because....
Nator: "she is my mom and she's AWESOME!"
Gracie:  "I love her and she's my mom."

Her favorite thing to do to relax...
Nator:  "take a long nap."
Gracie:  "lay down and be calm."

My mom always says...
Nator:  "I love you."
Gracie:  "Well do you want to go to school? or I love you."


My mom teaches me how to...
Nator:  "do EVERYThing."
Gracie:  "be smart and make good choices."

My favorite thing that Mom cooks is...
Nator:  "lasanyah and tostadas."
Gracie:  "Nachos."

What are mothers made out of?
Nator:  "A lot of good stuff and love (and a heart, lungs, a brain...)."
Gracie:  "love."

What's the difference between moms and dads?
Nator:  "Moms are girls and (some) go through labor."
Gracie:  "Moms are girls and dads are boys."


My mom helps me when...
Nator:  "we are doing crafts."
Gracie:  "I'm sick and school."

My favorite thing to do with my mom is...
Nator:  "watch movies, snuggle, and crafts."
Gracie:  "play with her."


The best advice my mom has given me is...
Nator:  "stay healthy so you can live a long life."
Gracie:  "that she thinks that I'll be the best person ever."

My mom doesn't like...
Nator:  "repeating things."
Gracie:  "me argueing with my sister.  100% true."

My mom's favorite color is...
Nator:  "red."
Gracie:  "red."

If my mom had a day off, she would spend it...
Nator:  "shopping or sleeping."
Gracie:  "she would get on the computer."

My favorite place to go with my mom is...
Nator:  "the LEGO store."
Gracie:  "Justice or Build a bear or really anywhere."

What has your mom taught you about God?
Nator:  "that He is always in our heart."
Gracie:  "alot of stuff."

The funniest thing Mom ever did was...
Nator:  "crazy dance in the kitchen."
Gracie:  "crazy danceing."


What would it take to make your mom perfect?
Nator:  "NOTHING!!!"
Gracie:  "get off the computer... and no school."

{insert mom laughter}

If you could give your mom anything for Mother's Day, 
what would it be?
Nator:  "love.  because all you need is love."
Gracie:  "a spa day."

Closing remarks:
Nator:  "I love you very much."
Gracie:  " I love you.  God made my mom 100,000,000% special. :)"



mother's day was a wonderful day of no agenda.  

and having hubby home.  

he made us breakfast, gifted me with a beautiful "i love you" willow tree, and crosses 'from the girls.'  grilled lunch.  then we decided to hit the beach... again.  

without having made prior arrangements for jasmine, she got a nice splash of sand and salt water, too.  but mostly, she wondered why she was the only dog on a leash.  {that would be because we are responsible pet owners.}  thankfully, the temperature was still beautiful.

the waves were less choppy this weekend, but the seaweed was a bit much.  it kept spooking us every time it touched our legs in large batches under the murky waves.  *shivers*

with sandy feet and dog in tow, we headed home just in time for showers and bed!

a beautiful day.


  1. I just can't get over how sweet your girls are! Sounds like you had a very good Mother's Day!

  2. "Do you wanna go to school?" That's awesome!!

  3. So sweet. I did this with my boys a few years ago and it was hilarious. Your beach water looks much more blue than ours:(....but good for you guys:) Awesome looking day for an awesome family!!

  4. What fun answers to your survey! It is so obvious that your girls love you! I'm so glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day.

  5. This was a lot of fun! I remember when we were little, my brother always answered in terms of food when asked about mom. There are some priceless mother's day cards where he's thankful that she buys groceries & makes cakes :)

    There you are! Great pics - LOVE the dip.

  6. What a great day! My favorite answer to what Mom says;'"Well do you want to go to school?" lol!! I'm not the *only* one!!! lol

    Wonderful pics, I really loved hubby dipping you on the beach, So sweet and playful!

  7. I love this! So cute! So sweet!! I love the photo of Nator giggling. Too cute!

    Your family seems to have so much fun together! I definitely hope we get to meet some day!!

    Hmmm...now I want to ask my girls these questions to see what they would say! ha!

  8. That was a fun post! Loved the survey and the pictures. Sounds like your mother's day was perfect.

  9. Good answers, sweet girls!
    Your outings to the beach look SO fun!!!

  10. I adore your blog!! It´s so beautiful and nicely written and I will definitely keep coming back...

    -Jarna from Finland

  11. Very sweet. It reminds me of when my girls were in school and they did this in kindergarten. I treasure those moments and mementos. Glad you enjoyed your day!!

  12. loved this post!!! one of my favorite answers was "Gracie: "that she thinks that I'll be the best person ever." priceless!!!!

  13. LOVED all your girl's answers! That was sweetest thing ever!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!!

  14. Loved this 'interview' with your girls. I can see that you have such a special bond with them. Isn't it the greatest??

    Loved this one:
    Her favorite thing to do to relax...
    Nator: "take a long nap."
    Gracie: "lay down and be calm."

    LOL And the "Well do you want to go to school?" Yup..used that one a time or two.

  15. I love this post!! And someday I want to try your lazanya! :)

  16. This was so adorable and fun to read! Those girls really love their mama! :)

  17. This is awesome. I love their answers. And.....look @ you, H-Mama! in a bikini. Those workouts are paying off. So glad you have such a wonderful day. Blessings, SusanD

  18. Loved all those, but my favorite answer is, "Be smart & make good choices!!!" That is awesome!


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