Saturday, April 16, 2011

a {quick} confessional

i'm linking with melissa @ a familiar path for a quick confessional.  if you haven't visited her site, you should.  she's purdy, writes 'real' posts, homeschools {yes, that's a verb}, and takes purdy pix, too.

okay, here goes:

1.  i have over 500 pictures to go through and edit between our trip to the science museum and the girls' yearly photo shoot.  i take a lot of pictures.  some might say too many.  it's an addiction.

2.  my house is a mess, so instead of taking a few minutes to tidy before going to piano recital, i'm blogging.

3.  i don't normally like posts without pictures.  yet, i'm breaking my own rule.  *hangs head in shame*

4.  i've had a love/hate relationship with my stretchmarks for 11 years.  i don't like them.  at all.  and no one warned me about the extra skin.  not cool.  but i would do it all over again to have my babies.  *sigh*

5.  if i weren't afraid of dying, or being awake under anesthesia... or the expense, i would fix it.  maybe.

6.  i write in lower-case a lot.    

7.  i take my own yearly pix of the girls.  i try to make it fun.  but it's work.  i am not beyond bribes of playing in the park, no school, and smoothies.  photo-shoots are work.  even with family.



now that i've posted a picture, i feel better.  i think.

and i'm too lazy to add "family team" to most of my pix, too.  *sigh*

now... go read the other confessionals while i hurry to this piano recital.  confessions make me feel normal.  ;)


  1. Like you I am avoiding cleaning my mess but unlike you its because I am reading your blog. lol What a fun confessional. :)

  2. i type all my emails and comments in lowercase. i have to force myself to type correctly in a blog post.

  3. I'd much rather blog than clean any day! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  4. Ha! I'm reading blogs instead of doing some other things. Doesn't everyone? Have a great weekend. Blessings, SusanD

  5. There is always time for cleaning...BUT if you have the time to spend with your family, express what you love doing (such as blogging) I think it's more expressive then cleaning and lets more people into your heart! :) Have a great rest of your weekend!

  6. In a list of things to do blogging is the easy and logical choice : ) I like picture posts. Obviously.

  7. Boy, I sure wish I knew what a priest said at the end of a confessional...maybe, "Go in peace, sister."
    Good stuff, H-Mama! :)

  8. Confessions are good for the soul! Love that you & Nator look so much alike in that picture!

  9. I like this very much and I am going to check out that other blog!

    I completely agree--I don't like posts without pics!

    I am often too lazy to watermark.

    And that extra skin thing--no one warned me either. I would do it again. I've dreamed of having it fixed, but I don't like surgery, recup either.

    I love your pics! You are such an inspiration!

    Happy Easter!

  10. I have to bribe, too;) Taking pictures of two busy boys is HARD work. And, I also like posts with pictures. Love this post...Fun Stuff!!!:)


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