Monday, April 25, 2011

{2011} easter weekend

we had thoughts of taking the girls to san antonio. sea world.
there was also conversation of taking the girlies to visit relatives in louisiana.

gracie was deeply concerned that the easter bunny many not find her anyplace other than home.

then there was the whole 'mama is sick' issue. i've been under the weather. feeling run-down. seems life has caught up with me. my throat was uncomfortable and when i could speak above a whisper, it sounded more like an elderly man who'd smoked a pack a day all his life. nice, huh?

i'm feeling a bit better today.

thankfully, hubs was off for three. days. straight.

ummm... let me say that again.

hubs was off {of work} three. days. straight.



during this time, i provided my friends with well-informed tweets and facebook updates:
Enjoying a great 3 day weekend with the family. Taking it all in... #lifeisgood
hubs bought the needed supplies for egg dying, boiled the eggs, and is now helping the girls decorate. #lovehim i'm off to take pictures...
the hubster just started playing christmas music while the egg decorating is happening. #hecracksmeup
he buys me chocolate. he cooks a lovely breakfast. he cleans the kitchen. he is working on his meat-marinade for lunch. *sigh* #lovehim #mamaissick
so, as you probably guessed, we stayed home.  and truthfully, i think we were all thankful for the time spent together.  even if mom was curled up on the sofa easter sunday.
there were plenty of lil' hugs wishing everyone a happy easter eve! daddy and gracie dancing to christmas music... gotta love michael mcdonald's christmas cd! then, two lil' voices over the moon with excitement on easter morning.
the girls were excited to receive their bunnies, legos, books, clothes, coloring books, play-doh, and lil' m-and-m container.
as predicted, gracie ate her candy before mom and dad were out of bed, while nator took her time.
i love that lil' something extra kids add to the holidays.
i picked up jasmine's deposits in the backyard {did i mention i was sick?}, and filled the plastic eggs with money.  hubs grilled the meat and helped hide the eggs.  i love that he made the girls cover their eyes while he gave last instructions.
i've never been one to push candy in our house, so we've always filled the plastic eggs with substitutes.  when they were younger, it was stickers and 'healthier' cookies and such.  
these days?  it's money.  they were thrilled!  we counted it all at the end and separated it evenly to avoid sibling rivalry.  $6 each. not bad for 2 minutes worth of work.
i'd say it was a successful weekend, with great memories made.
i've decided that life would be much easier if hubs could take a 3 day weekend every week. ;)  but sadly, we gals are off to enjoy another week of movie nights.  so, you know what that means. 
tonight... it's peter pan for nator and me.  scooby doo for gracie.  i rented rabbit hole {with nicole kidman} for myself, but... i think it will be a hard movie to watch.  have you seen it?
hoping you and yours had a wonderful easter weekend!
{did you imagine me saying all of this with my old-man-voice?} ;)


  1. CUTE pictures!
    I'm so glad you had such wonderful family time over Easter!
    Hope you feel better really soon! Your weather looks lovely...send sunshine north!

  2. I hope you are feeling better!

    I love your photos! I love the girls' eggs and the photos on the trampoline!

    Looks like you all had a great Easter!

    Happy Easter!!

  3. Looks like the girls made a haul. Hope you're feeling better soon. Blessings, SusanD

  4. It sounds like it was a great Easter weekend! Nice and relaxing and fun. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. I'm glad you had your hubs at home...hope you're feeling better soon!

  6. Glad Hubs was able to be home with you ladies. All those sunny pictures are making me jealous. We have doom and gloom over here. Hope you're feeling better soon. Mommas aren't allowed to be sick. :)

  7. Oh, I hope you feel better soon! Although I'm sure it's quite entertaining to hear you speak in your old-man voice. ;)

    Love all you pics! Looks like the girls had an awesome Easter. And I love that you guys played Christmas music while decorating the eggs! What a fun memory! :)

    Here's hoping for more 3-day-weekends!!

  8. I'm so so glad you got those days with your husband home! I'll think of you this week while you're watching movies and you can think of the three of us girls here doing movie nights the first 2 weeks of May. (Yep, 2 in a row--Sigh.)

    You should have the girls record your old-man voice, so you can laugh at it later, when you're not feeling bad. : )

  9. Looks like a wonderful Easter even with a sick Mommy. You are blessed to have such a wonderful Hubby. :)

    Love the girls eggs!! Let ME know about that movie. I just put it in my queue thinking, "Why is Nicole Kidman always doing children dying films"?

  10. I'm still looking for a job for my husband that will pay him to stay home with me. I just don't think that's too much to ask:)

  11. Other than being sick; looks like you guys had a GREAT Easter. So glad your hubby was able to spend a long weekend home:) Sometimes being at home is the BEST!:) Have a GREAT week.

  12. I feel sorry for you and your old man voice...too funny!! Glad the hubs had a nice weekend off and what a great way to spend it. It is so nice to see that six dollars still thrills little girls. Mine too and my son (15) still gets excited to go on his scavenger hunt for his Easter basket. I do love holidays with kids.

  13. Ooh the hubs looks devious with those eggs in his hands - I think he had a good time with that :)

    Sorry you didn't feel good. But did it maybe get you to rest a little bit?

  14. dont like being sick either--- no fun for moms! I am glad you had sweet time together!

  15. So glad you got to have your hubby around for 3 days. Sorry you weren't feeling well. Sounds like you made the most of it and enjoyed your Easter.

  16. What rock do I live under? I've never even heard of Rabbit Hole....I'll have to check that out. Love Nicole Kidman!

    The eggs are lovely! So nice that hubby could be home for three days with his ladies!

    Hope that you are shaking this bug and feeling much better. ;)


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