Friday, March 25, 2011

spring and spa induced hot flashes

Water-hose on the trampoline. 
Girlie *giggles*.
A lot of... "Mom, look at this!"
and "Mom, look what I can do!"


Picnics on the trampoline.
Reddi-wip a must.
To eat with organic strawberries.
First sunburn.  *sigh*


Trimming a baby tree.
And dreaming of future projects.
Ringing in the first day of spring with pedicures.
And manicures.
Hub's idea.

{the middle pic features mine and nator's fingers, not toes.  just thought you should know.  in case you thought my fingers were toes.}

Funny... mostly because hubs has very sensitive feet.
I feared for the life of the lady giving his pedicure.
He could have reacted when she touched the bottom of his feet.
And rendered her unconscious.

She survived.
As did he.
But not without a lot of squirming.  ;)


Oh how I wished that I could have captured a picture of Gracie.  She had someone working on her toes, and another on her fingers.  All while watching Despicable Me through their portable DVD player and headphones.  Too funny.

Nator tolerated the experience.  I talked her into choosing a color, instead of clear polish.  So, purple won.  Her massage chair was getting a bit carried away for her body size.  Had we sat next to her, we could have helped.  Maybe next time?

I asked the lady working on my toes to please change the channel {twice} on one of the large flat-screens.  Why?  Think Travel Channel, spring break, college students... gone wild.   And directly in Nator's line of view.

Obviously, no one felt the urgency to change the channel. 

During my third attempt, I may have said, "I'm getting mad now.  If someone cannot change the channel, I need someone to turn it off until we leave!"  You know.  The whole language barrier.  I wanted to make sure they understood me the third time.  I'm pretty certain this spa experience brought out my first hot-flash.

A fellow mother sitting next to Nator gave me an understanding grin.

The employees' foreign language dialogue picked up speed.  We may have been a hot topic for a few minutes.  Sticks and stones, right?  Especially when you have no idea what they are really saying.  Good times.  ;)

At least our nails are rockin'.  Gotta love a french pedicure.  Is it sad that I can't remember my last pedicure?  Think years.  {Thanks, Schmoopie!}

Mama needs more pampering.  Minus the hot-flash.  ;)  Bring on the sandals and flip-flops!

How did you ring in the first day of spring?


  1. oh my gosh, your husband is the BEST. A family day at the spa is completely wonderful!!!!

  2. Oh how fun!!! I do my own pedicures. I love the green & daisy. Too cute.

    Me? I celebrated Spring by riding my motorcycle. Sadly, the temps are back down in the 40s for highs. ugh!

    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your weekend. Blessings, SusanD

  3. I'm still in snow boots but a pedicure mid-winter helps beat the blues : ) Have a nice weekend!

  4. Ug. We were at Carmax last weekend and they had the TV in the kids room on TBN. Sweetheart watched a cartoon version of Little Women. Then I walked back to the business office to get some change. That TV was blaring CSI: Special Victim's Unit and let's just say a crime was being committed. Oh dear. I think we'll just stay in the kids' room!!!!

    Your nails all look great!!!

  5. we went to church, we went to my mother in laws, she cooked our dinner and I got to sit around while Dave shot an arsenol of guns! But it was relaxing!

  6. Those are the CUTEST pedicured toes I've ever seen. Might have to see if I can fake my own little pedicure (because my toes are definitely not that cute right now!).

  7. SUCH pretty toes and fingers! What a great first-day-of-spring idea! Alas, we didn't do much since half of us were still sick at that point.

  8. Cute toes and good for you for sticking up for your girls!

  9. Love the polish....all three:) I must say I attended the MOST BEAUTIFUL WEDDING on the first day of Spring. Now I'm thinking my toesies need some attention;)

  10. How did we ring in the first day of spring? With lots and lots of wind and rain. :(

  11. I love the green and purple and the little flowers. I always get french, too, manis and pedis. When I get them that is. My girls love it, too!

    I love the real life humor with which you write your blog!

  12. mani/pedi sounds soooo good right now! I'd love to go in soon! :) looks like you guys are having fun in the sun. can't wait for it to warm back up here!

  13. I am so ready for water hose and swimsuit time. It is just cold and wet here. Yuck!

  14. Oh, how delightful! I think I need to sneak away for some spa time myself ;)

    (Also, good for you on speaking up about the TV channel! I can get horribly uncomfortable about that kind of stuff, but those are definitely the instances when you want to find your confidence and be a mama bear. Hope I'll remember your example when my moment(s) of truth start popping up!)


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