Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 52

We started our week being thankful.   If we pause to take inventory, we truly do have more blessings than lights on the Christmas tree.  So many little things we often take for granted.

Friends shared sad news over the weekend of their baby boy's passing.  He was due to be delivered the first week in January.   Unfair things happen to good people.   So, so sad.  Moments like this remind us to savor the moments we have with our loved ones.

Having said that, I took a few moments to jump with the girls on the trampoline.  Seemingly not unusual... So, what made this different?   Mama came out from behind the camera.   The photographer needs to do that more often.  It was all about savoring the moments.  The laughs.

Note to self:  Never, ever, jump with tennis shoes on.  It may leave one with a twisted ankle.

I know we looked silly making hand puppets at Panera, but we didn't care.  

Christmas shopping.  The only thing in this picture that came home with me was the cute lil' girl.  ;)

My Christmas gifts {yes, giftS} came in the mail while hubs was out of town.  DK bought the camera bag I wanted, replaced my busted lens, as well as a new {to me} camera.  Mama now has the D90, too.  Suh-weet!  I kept telling him it was too much!   Must read the manual soon.  ;)

Now, any time I get frustrated with my old mattress, or carpet, I'll just go take a picture to make me feel better. ha.

Hubs realized Jasmine wasn't in her bed and asked if I knew where she was.  We surveyed the living room.  No Jasmine.  We called her.  No Jasmine.  She is always at my feet, so we began to worry.  We called her from upstairs.  No Jasmine.

Knowing she has the ability to jump over our fence, we called her repeatedly from the back yard.  No Jasmine.  All of us began to panic a bit.  Nator started to cry.  The rest of us wanted to.  We called her from the front yard.  No Jasmine.

The garage was the only place we hadn't checked.  I remembered stepping in there to empty the trash.  Hubs said he remembered seeing her follow me in there.  I opened the garage door... and there sat Jasmine, waiting patiently by the door.  Silly dog.  Excitedly, she began jumping up on us.  I may have reacted the same if I'd been locked in a dark, cold garage for an hour!!

Note to Jasmine:  Don't follow my every footstep, and by all means, learn to bark at moments other than when strangers come to our door.

Dental check-ups.  I know... I wish we could have taken care of that while we were there last week.  This time, we met a new dentist in the office.   I was convinced that he just graduated dental school.  The girls liked him. 

We picked up hubs the day before Christmas Eve.  Outback anyone?  Yummmmm-O.

The girls were excited to give each other their gifts on Christmas Eve.   I think they asked 4,689 times if they could open them early all day.  ha. 

This is the first Christmas we've put the girls' gifts under the tree before the big day.  It was fun watching as the girls tried to determine if any box was shaped like their much anticipated American Girl dolls.  We let them open all of their gifts, then we brought out their dolls.   muahahaha!

After opening our gifts, we traveled to Granny's home in Louisiana.  The girls didn't want to send Jasmine to a sitter for Christmas.  Thankfully, she travels well... as you can see. 

More on Christmas memories soon...  Mama is tuckered out!

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  1. great pictures! love their new dolls! and outback? YES!

  2. We can never make them wait til Christmas Eve to open their gifts, from each other. We give in and let them open them on SUnday before. :) And Sassy is quite jealous about the AG dolls. She really wants Julie. :) Glad you had a fun week. :)

  3. Somehow I missed seeing the picture of mom jumping on the trampoline : )

    Our dog rode with us to Tennessee...we were jammed in like sardines while she rode like a queen on her bed in the back of the jeep!

    Happy New Year!

  4. I'm impressed that you can jump on the trampoline without bladder issues...just sayin'! :)
    Your gifts sound marvelous, you will definitely put them to good use.
    So your girls have the eye for the new, younger dentist? Watch out!!'
    So glad you had a great Christmas! Hope you have a great trip too!!
    Happy New Year!

  5. your week looks wonderful!!!

    my girl had/has Molly. Back then they only had 4 choices! It's amazing all they have now!

    Happy New Year, my friend!

  6. Your poor friends who lost their child, what a devastating time for them. I am sure your love and friendship will be salve for their broken hearts. :(

    It looks like Christmas was wonderful at your place, what lucky little ladies you have!

    Happy New Year!

  7. Wonderful pictures of your Christmas weekend. I'm sure you will do much with the D90! Someday if I ever can make my photography into a business, I will be getting one of those! :)

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about your friends' little boy -- I'll be praying, as Blondee said, that your love and friendship will be a comfort to them as they grieve.

    Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas! That was too clever to keep their dolls away until they'd opened everything else!

  9. So sorry about your friends' son - so devastating at any time, but at Christmas...

    Love your girls' dolls - mine was always a Madame Alexander doll back in the day.

  10. Looks like Christmas treated you well. I hope you have a wonderful 2011.

  11. It's more important to have fun with your family than to worry about what other think of your shadow puppets :)

    Glad your pup wasn't lost!

    My kids got some good surprises this Christmas too, but I like how you pulled yours off!


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