Saturday, October 23, 2010

Project 365 ~ Week 43

Our week, as seen through the lens of the iPhone cam... 

{One day, I'll get better about taking more pix with my good camera.  Maybe.  I just don't like lugging the Nikon bag for a purse... or throwing the good camera in my purse.  I have my eyes on a bag that may offer a solution.} 

Our week started with a dream come true for the girlies trip to the mall.  The girls have been asking to go to Justice for a bit of shopping for almost a year some time.  In Daddy's infinite sweetness, he gifted the girls with a lil' shopping spree {tip: google 40% off coupons!}.  I, on the other hand, gave in to the temptation when walking by a Marble Slab. Why do they have to be so yummy?  {Mental note:  Do not make a habit out of this.  Oi.}

We also discovered a Lego store within our local mall, so the girls each built 3 people for $10.  They were in heaven.

Country officially came to town.

I kid.

They thought it was the best. day. ever.

Oh... and we may have found a compromise on Gracie's future bedding.  She's been wanting Jonas Brothers, Camp Rock, Paul Frank, etc... {ugh} but she fell in love with this set in JCPenny.   She loves all things hot pink, glam, zebra, and leopard.  Love it! :)  Nator found hers while googling {Firefox does not recognize that as a word, but it is, right? ha.} the JCP website.  She loves all things purple, fairies, birds, quilts, and even zebra print. {She's torn between this one, or this one for now.}  I love the first one, but we're still looking.

We talked about what these prehistoric statues were once used for.  ;)

Running to and fro.

The girls and I spent a lot of time hunting recycle bins, going through their rooms, cleaning, dusting, organizing, and running items to donation destinations.  I'm still recovering from Gracie taking the plunge in officially giving away her baby dolls.  *sniff*sniff*

Without her baby dolls and accessories, Gracie decided she didn't need her toy-box anymore either.  *sniff*  With the extra space, we made a little reading/TV watching nook.    Of course, we made one for Nator in her room, too.

Of course, our piano and dance lesson schedule remained the same.  I'm so proud of this girl.  Her teacher is so complimentary of her accomplishments every week.  She's just a smart cookie!  Seriously.  :)

The Nikon found a few snapshots of our week, too...  :)

Nator helps Mama chop veggies for freezing.

And for cooking our first gumbo this fall.  It wasn't my best... as I realized after I had it all together that I needed to update a few spices.  Boo.  I actually bought organic chicken for this meal.  The first time I've cooked meat in at least a year??  Wow.

Mama was feeling icky from stirring up so much dust this week {I'm allergic to those crazy lil' dustmites}, so the girls entertained themselves with more creative play.  They did so without one. single. argument.   I told hubs that they were probably concerned that I'd find schoolwork for them to do if such drama occurred.  Did I mention that we took the week off of school?  Mama needed to clean, rest, and let the girls play.  ;)

One of our many errands.  New foot undies for Gracie's dance classes.  Her heart skipped a beat when the store owner pulled out these lil' leopards.  :)

After Friday night's rehearsals, the girls went to a friend's house, so hubs and I had an unexpected date.  We ate at Outback {shocker, huh?} and rented a Redbox movie.  Letters to Juliet was a cute, clean, feel-good movie.  Those are hard to come by, yes?

And this is the end of our week.  A day of sleeping in.  Family time at the gym.  Quiznos.  Errands.  And now... baseball.  We're hoping Roy Oswalt can win it for the Phillies.  He's one of the players we've missed that left the Astros.  *sniff*

Go Stros!  I mean Roy!  I mean Phillies!!

How was your week?  I'll be catching up with your blogs soon!  :)

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  1. so is the texture of rice noodles different? can you tell?

    you haven't cooked meat in a YEAR?! wow, I think I could live without meat, I love, I really couldn't. :)


  2. I have been lagging so behind in my blogging and blog stalking as of late, but always enjoy catching up with your blog!! Loved the "prehistoric statues" HAHAHAHAHAHA...the foot undies!! HA!! The life with girls is so different than my life with boys! Loved both of the beddings, btw!

  3. How fun to have a shopping spree! I think both of Nator's bedding choices are lovely, but #1 would coordinate better with her sister's room. If that's a consideration :) I personally have a think for aqua and turquoise so #2 would be my fav :)

    I'm very impressed with your iPhone photos! I had to use my phone for a while last year when our camera broke and it took TERRIBLE photos.

    They haven't taken out all those prehistoric statues yet, huh? I would luuuuurve to get my hands on one of the old phone booths. Wouldn't that make a great decor statement? LOL Seriously, I would so love to do a craft room in vintage style with a phone booth in the corner.

    Anyway... loved all your photos and hope your allergies have settled down! Have a wonderful week :)

  4. I love the idea of a reading nook! What a great idea! So cozy and lovely. Maybe after creating one for the boys, I'll make one for myself too ;)

    Foot undies -- wow. I was never a dancer, so I hadn't heard of these until reading your post.

    And I liked Letters to Juliet as well! I agree with you: it's so hard to find movie you can watch without guilt these days.

    Sorry about the Phillies, but us Californians are pretty excited about those Giants ;)

  5. loved going through your week with you! the bedding is adorable and that ice cream looked soooo good! :)

  6. I think I liked the first bedding set best, but both are really cute. Gracie's choice looks like a LOT of fun.

    I have never seen foot undies before - that is so funny. Love the print!

  7. Not feeling good and still taking pictures, I'm impressed. If I took pictures of this past week, it would've been full and empty boxes of tissues. :) That's it!! That was my week in a nutshell. :)

  8. Seriously your cell phone pics are better than my canon pics! Fun week and breaks from school are always the best! Your ice cream pic makes me want to run to Cold Sone YUM! They are opeing up a Lego store at our mall very soon and the boys are excited! Those foot undies are so funny...long time ago when I danced they didn't have anything like that! Loving the new colors of bedding...I want a girl! Hope you have a great week.

  9. Love the Gracie! Nator's choices are tough, I think I would lean toward #1 but I'm not Nator. I will tell you that my mom works at JC Penney and gets a discount. Maybe I could hook you up.
    So proud of Nator and how well she is doing with piano! You need to put up a sound clip for us.
    Ok, so I prefer feet covered ;) but those foot undies are the best!! Would those be considered a thong? Do they sell them in Granny panty style too?
    Have a super week sweet friend!!

  10. Those foot undies are hilarious. I had never heard of those before! And yes, Letters to Juliet was so cute and clean. Loved it. And I love catching up with your cute lil' family!

  11. Those foot undies are hysterical!
    do you really not usually cook... I don't believe it! that gumbo looked yummy... I was going to ask for the recipe! I mean...I am... but what went wrong? My little girl is 10 and outgrowing her little girl things too... although... she is having a hard time parting with things... *sigh* =) so hard to watch them grow... yet so rewarding and stuff... Fun post! I am done.

  12. That is a week of some mighty big smiles! I love that your week can be summed up like that.

  13. Before I read what the "foot undies" were, I thought, "those look like underwear!" Hilarious!

  14. Prehistoric statues, indeed! ;)

    Those bedding sets are totally different. That sometimes makes it harder to choose between things! But I definitely like their girlie taste.

    Love the reading nook idea, but I'm sure it's crazy hard (yet beautiful and joyous) to watch them grow up so much that they give away their dolls. Hang in there, Mama. You're raising some lovely little women, even as they break your heart with their constant growing.

    Yum. Supper looks delish!

    Okay. Foot undies. That's a new one on me.

  15. The gumbo looks yummy..Your girls are beautiful..


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