Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Project 365 - Week 39

Recently, Gracie told me, "Mom, my friend told me that she likes to be fashionably late.  I think I like that, too."

I promise that my late, weekly update has nothing to do with being "fashionably late".  I mean, even my girls cheered when they realized we didn't have to be anywhere today.  Tuesday, our only. day. off.

Not in 'school', though.  We will get to it... eventually.  Right now, I'm enjoying a nice, cool breeze coming through the open window, while listening to the sounds of my girls playing dollhouse upstairs.  It really is the simple things in life that make us happy, yes?

"Off" only means that we don't have to get out of our pj's, unless we need to.  You know, like running out of groceries. That sort of thing.  Don't get me wrong.  They thoroughly enjoy the activities they are involved in, but kids need down time, too.  Lot's of fun-busy going on here!

A few highlights from our week!

{Please know that Blogger is skating on thin ice with the Family Team.  It's not allowing me to edit my picture size in the html code, but only lets me resize them using their automated format. Boo! This would explain some weird sizing issues.  Not cool, Blogger.  Not cool at. all.  It's not the first time, and if this is not fixed soon, we shall be looking seriously into Wordpress!  Lord. help. me. 

So, these are not the exact pix I intended to post, but the blog must go on, right?}

We set up shop this week.  One person was the customer {Mommy}, and the girls took turns being the cashier or the spoiled child of the customer, asking for everything on the shelves.  Felt like real life, you know?

I think they priced everything within sight, and then some.  Jasmine was afraid to look at me for fear we'd sell her, as well.  Although, some of the prices looked more like clock times... We worked on that, too. :)

Piano lessons.  Two of them, of course.  Gracie finds games to play in her DS educational things to do with her time, as well.  For about 5 minutes, that is.  Then she wants mom's phone.

A lil' Panera while on the go!  I couldn't say no to the pastry this time. :)

Gracie needed new tap shoes, so she was fitted with some that will be more comfortable.  I mean, four dance rehearsals each week will take its toll on little feet if you're not careful, you know?

Checkers has been a hot game in our house this week!  Nator taught Gracie the art of 'double-jumping'.  Maybe she wishes she had not done that now?

Nator's Latin lesson.  She graded herself.  Makes my work load a little lighter.  Hehee... ;)

I don't have to nudge Nator much to practice.  She really enjoys playing the piano... and reading.  Gotta love this kid.

Gracie has decided that washing dirty dishes is the most 'disgusting' job.  I'm thinking it's time to introduce her to the toilets, yes?  ;)

This is what it looks like when you are teetering between the little girlie stage of life and the next season.  Gracie hesitates in bringing the baby items that have been set aside for the Salvation Army.  I refused to bring them, and promptly put them in the garage.  I will not be the blame for getting rid of something that will bring tears if missed.  You know what I mean?  But then, I'm all about keeping her little for as long as possible, too. ;)

We dropped off our other items, and headed to one of our favorite thrift stores.  I loved buying several fall shirts, a winter jacket, a pair of {barely used} sketcher boots, jeans, and light overcoats that clearly came from Polo, The Children's Place, Gap, etc, etc... for 80 bucks!  My heart skips a beat when I save a buck, or two.

When we returned home, Gracie said  that she will donate her baby items next time.  We'll see... If there's any hesitation, I'm not goin'.

The much anticipated dance competition try-outs. 

We were the first to arrive.  Gracie was nervous, but handled herself like a pro.  Sometimes, I think her sister was even more nervous for her.  Thankfully, Nator and I had each other for distraction.  Thirty minutes seems like an eternity when someone else is judging your baby sweet girl.

We had many things keeping us busy this week, but the most anticipated day was Saturday, the 25th.  This was not only the day that the competition teams would be posted, but DK would be coming home.  Ten days seems like an eternity, too, when hubs is away.  We all agreed it felt much longer this time.

Gracie wanted Daddy there for the reveal, so we picked him up first.  Happy, happy!  Then we ate lunch at Pei Wei.  Happy! Yummy!  Then, we drove to read the posted list...

She made the team!!  Such a happy weekend all around!! 

When we arrived home, I told Nator to "go potty" {I'm sure they will want me to stop saying it like that at some point} and meet me at the front door.  I'll tell you why in my next post.  :)

Oh... and I wrote down all of the girls' activities from dance, to theater, to piano {and now extra practices and fundraisers for Gracie's competition team} and I'm pretty sure I heard my calendar laugh. out. loud. 

Yeah... we'll be crazy-fun-busy around here.

Making memories.

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  1. yeah for yummy pei wei! sooo good! cute pictures... your girls are adorable

  2. Oh what a fun, crazy, busy week. Congrats to Gracie for making the dance team. Ha! Love the look on Gracie's face about doing dishes. I'd much rather do dishes than clean toilets. Thanks so much for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  3. Congrats to Gracie! I just love your sense of humor! So funny about Jasmine not looking at you!!!
    My curiosity is definitely up about Nator going potty before she meets you at the front door. Hmmmm....

  4. I just love your posts! Such great pictures. Congratulations to Gracie!! I have to get Emma back in ballet--You can just see how excited Gracie is:)) Hope this week is great for you as well:)

  5. What a busy time!

    Love Panera's, too!!

  6. Congrats to your sweet little dancer girl!
    You are one busy mama!!! WOW! Better hide more chocolate! ;)

  7. Loved the pics this week - your girls always look so happy (well except for the dishwashing picture - & I can feel her pain LOL!). Congrat to Gracie on making the team. Nator is more like me - a big reader. Although I did have to be nudged to practice my piano :)


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