Sunday, August 8, 2010

Project 365 - Week 32

It's been another busy week.  Really.  I think summer has officially beat me with a pool noodle.  These girls keep me goin'.

Here are just a few highlights from our week...

The girls have started 'cookin' in the kitchen.  Mama helps.  A lot little.  The first recipe Gracie chose?  Cheese pizza, and yogurt ice for the sweet tooth.

Nator picked a pesto pasta dish with yummy organic broccoli.  Yum. my.

For the sweet tooth?  It was dark chocolate covered strawberries with crushed, raw almonds.  Mmmmm...

I'll share more on these recipes later.  :)

Gracie, caught up in cleaning her room, decided to purge the baby dolls and accessories.  Is my baby girl really growing up so much that she's past this phase??!  No worries.  Mama is going to sift through her donation bags to save a few dolls for her.  {Of course, this didn't include American Girl dolls. *grin*}  Once Bella adopted a stroller Gracie set aside, the girls had fun driving her in it.  Then, decided we should keep it... for Bella, of course.  ;)

The sunset from our back yard.  Sigh...

Family Team pool fun.

My cell phone caught a pic of Gracie and Daddy enjoying a water ballet.  Sweet, yes? ;)

More pool fun with Mama.

Picking up our pottery treasures:  a star Mama painted for Nator, which said 'sweet dreams', Gracie's pink piggy bank, and Nator's snowman dish {don't look, Granny!}.  ;)

One of Nator's big highlights this week?  Her first piano lesson!  She did such a wonderful job!  Her teacher said he could tell that she'd already started practicing.  :)

All of this, plus school.  Mama is tired.  Probably not the best time to be cleansing?  Oi.

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  1. Oh my - purging dollies already? Now I'm sure to have nightmares tonight! :(

    That food looks absolutely divine! Looking forward to the recipes! :)

  2. I'm about to purge Sassy's dolls. :) She doesn't play with them anymore. But, of course not AG dolls.

  3. What a great week! The food looks fantastic!

    And by all means, Bella should keep the stroller. ;)

  4. this summer has been busy for us too. where are those long summer carefree days i was looking so forward to? (sigh) we started school today, hoping that will get us in a routine of sorts.

  5. You make me laugh~ Pool noodle... Great to catch up~

  6. What sweet girls & yummy food- I'll look forward to the recipes!

  7. You have a lovely blog, I'm your new follower.

  8. Hi! Hopped here for the first time from Hip Homeschool Hop :)
    Your strawberries look divine!!!

  9. Thanks for joining in Hip Homeschool Mom's Hop! We're excited to have ya here and cannot wait to get to know you better!

    @hiphmschoolmoms (twitter)

  10. Easy with the pool noodles now! :)
    That food looks absolutely amazing! Would you and your girls like to come on a field trip to Indiana and share? Nator's hair looks super long in the picture of her with the salad. I had to look twice to make sure it was her.
    You mean Bella actually let them push her? That is one nice kitty!
    Love the pool shots!
    Have a super week!!

  11. Drooling over that pizza - unfortunately one of my favorite foods! :)

    And piano lessons - how fun! - and it's making me miss playing...I haven't played in a couple of months and I miss it.


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