Saturday, July 3, 2010

Project 365 - Week 27

While starting to post my 365 pictures, Gracie seized the opportunity by sitting on my lap, asking me to put her hair in a ponytail.

Me:  "Gracie, your legs are cold."
Her:  "Your legs are warm... and spike-y."


Here's our week...

Daddy is still out of town, so we spent the afternoon running errands and picking out a belated birthday gift, compliments from Grandma J... and somehow ended up at Pei Wei. ;)
{Yeah, I know their birthdays are in January and March.}

My darling daughter who often touts of not being a 'girlie girl' wanted a big Barbie set, and the self-proclaimed 'girlie girl' wanted horses.  You know, since Mommy and Daddy are depriving her of not have a real horse.


Nothing like starting the week off at the dentist.  I know.  We have too much fun around here. ;)  Gracie needed to get a filling fixed {the dentist guessed it had been damaged from grinding her teeth}.  To help with the visit, she brought along her new horse, Ginger.

If you hadn't already noticed, she's wearing the same shirt. I think she may have even slept in it, too.  I didn't want to pick that battle... and deal with the dentist.


New books for the reading club!  Nator gets her first prize {a coupon for baseball tickets}!


DK's schedule is all over the map these days... and he's tired.  He just returned from Louisiana and Florida... and now he's preparing for Alabama.  We managed to squeeze in an early family breakfast at Panera before the girls and I met friends for a dollar movie {Planet 51}.

Now... if only I could figure out how to disconnect his phone from receiving 'urgent' work-related emails or texts during family time.  Oi.


Thursday started an ongoing rain-shower, thanks to hurricane Alex, so I've been knocking out a few small projects like this...

LOVE vinyl lettering.


It was raining giraffes and elephants, but we met friends for lunch anyway.  They brought silly bandz. :)

Clarissa is at such an exciting season of her life.  She just returned from a missions trip, and now she's off to Alaska to visit her boyfriend who's living there for the summer {well, after she drives to CA with her family, that is}.  Then, she's going back to Bible college after the summer.


More rain, so the girls did more of this... tent making and singing, with an occasional dance recital from Gracie.  I could watch her dance all day.  Nator was singing away with her iPod to the tunes of The Sound of Music.

I finally started working on organizing school curriculum that needs to be given or donated.  Why am I having trouble letting go of the young elementary books?  Of course, it didn't help when Gracie handed me a huge stack of DVD's, telling me that they were too young for her.  Since they never watch them anymore, I've known the day was coming.

Farewell, Dora, Blue's Clues, Strawberry Shortcake, Barney, Rolie Polie Olie, Bear in the Big Blue House, Care Bears, Little Einsteins, Winnie the Pooh...  {some of} you will be missed.  Sigh...


Okay, DK should be home sometime within the next 24 hours?? That should give me plenty of time to make my legs, ummm... less spike-y.

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  1. spike-y legs....think I've got those too!

    Pei Wei....some day when I get to your part of Tx we will have to eat there, I love it!!!

    I have vinyl lettering in my house too!!

  2. I'm so jealous of the rain you're getting. I'd love to have a day like you described.

  3. LOL at spikey legs.

    I have been very intrigued by vinyl lettering, but then I worry about if I get the urge to paint the room, I'll have to remove it and it'll be gone.

    I LOVE the toes sticking out from under the tent. So cute!

  4. awwwww i remember when emily and audrey said good-bye to those.....and then we said hello again real quick when sarah started watching them. lol

    so far behind on my blogs! we have been so busy around here. really hoping things settle down this week. well, last week was my fault for all the running. the girls were getting bored....which led to fighting....which led to momma losing it..... so we ran all day every day last week.

    LOVE your vinyl lettering!! love the pictures too. the one of the girls holding hands is so sweet!

  5. Oh you trend setter, you! I'm going for the spikey leg look today too. Thanks for the great idea with the vinyl lettering. Have a fabulous day. Blessings, SusanD

  6. God gives us children to keep us humble. LOL

    Fun photos from your week! LOVE the stenciling (or vinyl letters?) on your photo wall!

    Have a great week with hubby home!

  7. May I please be a charter member of the spike-y legs club? Mine so are and my kids tell me all the time! :)
    Hooray for belated b-day gifts, especially when they bring comfort at the dentist.
    For an early morning family breakfast, you look magnificent!!
    Love the feet coming out of the tent and the lettering with the pictures...beautiful!! I guess you made good use of the rain!
    Have a super week and have fun
    de-spiking! :)

  8. smooth legs and lover-boy back by now ;)
    You glamorous females sure know how to have fun when Daddy's gone ;)

  9. Spike-y legs, hahaha, so funny! Love all the pics!

  10. What?! You mean someday they actually outgrow Dora and Strawberry Shortcake?!! Ugh. Not looking forward to that at all... especially when I think of the next step... please not Hannah Montana (or as Addie would say - Hannah Banana)! :)

  11. Loved all the pics! You have a beautiful smile! :)

  12. Pretty sure you could win a beautiful mama contest! :)
    LOVE your pictures and letters on the wall! Amazingly beautiful! Are you for hire???


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