Saturday, June 19, 2010

Project 365 - Week 25

Our week in review...  Just for the record, I think this has turned into a cell pic project.  Sooooo... I think this is reason enough for Mama to somehow get the new iPhone, yes?  It has a much better camera, so it's not just a want... it's a need, yes??  Just wanted to put that out there. ;)


Pick up DK from the airport.  Panera.

Browse several stores.

Including Best Buy.  {Mama wants a Mac, but my bonuses come in the form of hugs and kisses... and well, Best Buy won't accept those as payment. ;)   The girls test drove the new iPads.  We'd all like one of those, but... see previous sentence.}

We DID {finally} buy the girls their own Nintendo DS Lites as an end-of-{school}year reward.  They have been wanting one for years and thanks to hub's extra hours we were able to.  They thought this was the best day of their lives!  {They say that any time something exciting happens.}  Gracie kept saying, "Someone pinch me.  I must be dreaming!"  She also said that she might marry it.


Gracie starts dance camp!  She had been counting down the days.

Nator and I hit the road, running errands!   She was so excited to find this Phineas and Ferb DS game!  It was not available at Game Stop and it was the last one at Target.  I'm pretty sure she said something about hearing the angels sing.

If you could have seen how empty the basket was and how much our total was... well, it's enough to make a grown woman cry.  It could have something to do with the dresser we bought Gracie.  She has been putting her clothes in plastic drawer containers in her closet since we've lived in this house... 4 years.  We couldn't pass this one up... It was on clearance, and it was white to match her room.


Phase I of Gracie's room.  It was bad, but in all fairness, this is half-way through.  It has to get worse before it gets better, right?  Sweet Nator helped me for a bit... Believe me, when it gets really bad, I like to do it myself. They don't have to know what Mama puts in the 'donation' and 'trash' bags.  ;)


Gracie needed a medium sized bag for camp.  I had a cute one, but must have put it in the garage sale. {Apparently, saving everything comes in handy 'sometimes'.  Oh well.}  So, instead... I sewed the bottom of one of Gracie's skirts that no longer fit.  {Apparently, procrastination pays too.  I've meant to list a stack of clothes on Ebay... At this point, they may get donated.}  The strap is a belt that belonged to a skirt of mine.  MacGyver meets Martha Stewart!  Tah-dah!

Bring Gracie to camp.  Buy silly bandz at Walgreens {because I'm trying to be a hip parent by not depriving my children of coolness}.  Library {DK has been reading this series}.  Phase II of Gracie's room {now those plastic drawers house toys that were once all over the floor.  thankyoujesus.}  Bring Nator swimming at dance camp with the campers.


Shoe shopping {Gracie thinks she likes high-heels}.  Panera, to-go.  Dance camp.  Phase I and II of cleaning and re-arranging Nator's room.  

It's the last day of dance camp and it ends with a recital.  Gracie performed a duet {Butterfly Fly Away} with her sweet friend and a solo {Sixteen Going on Seventeen}.  We were so proud of her and all that she accomplished.

The reason we've been dress and shoe shopping!!  A Daddy/Daughter Dance! Complete with horse and carriage ride!  As usual, Nator couldn't pick a favorite song of the evening and Gracie loved the Cha-Cha Slide.  I heard the high-heels didn't stay on long.  ;)


I think today was the first day DK had off work that we didn't have something planned since... I really can't remember.  So we took the girls to see the much anticipated Toy Story 3 movie!  {That's us, waiting in line. Crazy, I know.}  Y'all should see it.  Super-cute movie!

From there, DK dropped us ladies off at home so Gracie could ice her ankle.  Apparently, her week of dancing has caught up with her.  My sweet hubs made a grocery run for us.  He's sweet like that.  Love him.

What a crazy-fun-filled week!  Mama is officially tired.  :)

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  1. Wow...that WAS a busy week. Super cute girls as always!!

    Love the picture of you two, you look happy to be together.

    We get to see Toy Story 3 at camp this week and we are all excites, even my 14 year old...ha ha. He grew up with them so he HAS to see this one.

    LOVE the bag, what a cute idea...makes me want to get out my sewing machine (almost) :)

  2. Phew! What a week!!! You need a spa day! :)
    *Yes, you DO need an iPhone! Best purchase my husband ever made for us! The first week we had it, I happened upon a car accident and helped an elderly couple find important numbers.'s a "ministry" tool, too! Better get one! We're drooling over the iPads, too! Why do my four year olds know how to operate them already?

  3. I totally think the iPhone is a need for you...afterall, the 365 show must go on!

    You are beautiful. That is a great first pic of the two of you. Yeah, and the girls are as sweet as ever.

  4. You ladies are sweet with your compliments... really.

    I 'do' have the last iPhone... Does wanting the 'new' one make me needy? {Hubs, don't answer that!} ;)

  5. Your hair looks lovely in the first pic! Wow! Busy week... Cute pics!

  6. Whew! I enjoyed the weekly update.

    You're a better mom than me. My daughter had to buy her own silly bandz. $6 for 24 - crazy. She wears 20 at a time (and generously shared 4 with her sisiter. Ha.)

    Phineas & Ferb reign supreme around here. I've got a 15 hour drive coming up and I'm sure P & F's CD will be heard a few times along the way.

    Loved all the pics...always do. You have a great eye for capturing the moment!

  7. Your girls make me laugh with the little things they say!! Marrying a DS Lite and hearing angels sing over a Wii game. Cracks me up! :)

    Oh, man. I'm the same way about my kids' bedrooms. It wears me out, but about once every couple of weeks I have to do a complete overhaul in each of their rooms. (I must admit, I'm not very cheerful about it, though.)

    YOU. ARE. AMAZING with that bag!! It is too precious!! Seriously great idea!! I'm thinking you should get yourself a shop on Etsy and go to town!!

    Dance Camp sounds like fun.

  8. Wow busy week with a great series of photos! Love the one where Nator is holding up her game! My youngest went to camp this week so the oldest got to pick out a {cheap} played it, well forever and a day! They are too funny. That dance camp sounds and she looked beautiful in her recital! That bag is are so handy! And they all look great in the fun carriage ride!

  9. I hope you get a nap this week after being so busy last week! :)
    I absolutely LOVE the pic of you and DK. I think this pic shows that absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder.
    Maybe you could sew skirts into bags for all of us and the proceeds can be your iPhone/iPad fund! I would totally be in!
    The girls always make me smile and they definitely didn't disappoint this week!! Altered faces, electronic joy, cleaning, dancing and the precious Daddy/Daughter dance. Awesome!!
    Have a super week!!

  10. Oh, no question you should have a new iphone : )

    I understand about the 'getting stuff out of the room without being seen'. My youngest was fine to part with stuff but everything in the universe took on sentimental value to daughter1...a comb stashed in the nether regions of her closet that hadn't seen the light of day in two years would suddenly become something she couldn't live without. Best to do a clear out while she was out of the house...good luck with that!

  11. I love the bag... so ingenius!

    My husband reads them and I MAY or MAY not have gotten just as addicted as him. BTW.. tell your hubbie to try the Oregon Files also by Clive Cussler but with out Dirk Pitt except for a few surprise appearances.


    Oh and as the proud owner of the "old" iphone I have already admittedly made complete sure that I have the ability to upgrade for a mere 299.99

    WHAT A STEAL... and no I dont feel needy!

  12. i always enjoy your week in review pictures!

    love that first pic of you and DK ~ cutie couple y'all are ;)

    as usual the girls are adorable!

  13. Wow - such a great week... shopping, dance camp, daddy/daughter dance... such a wonderful week for you!
    How sweet to even have a horse and carriage ride!

  14. Well if it were up to me, I'd say, "Girl you need that new iphone!" :D

    Love the first pic of you and your're beautiful!

    Sounds like you had a crazy busy week, but a fun one. I bet y'all were very proud parents at the dance recital! Thanks for sharing another week in picures with us.

  15. You're not kidding it was a busy all your pics! I also relate to needing something only to realize I've garage-saled or donated it....happens a lot around her :)

  16. As per usual, your girls are gorgeous.
    And Panera.....yum!

  17. i think your cell takes amazing pics! have you seen what mine does?!?

    but totally get the iphone...totally! someday, someday, i will have a "smart"phone too.

    until then? dumbphone it is!


  18. What a busy week, but you definitely captured it well with the photos. Great job!

  19. Those pics are from your cell phone? You should see the pictures my phone takes...oh wait -- it doesn't even have a camera! I KNOW!Am I in the Dark Ages or what? :)

    I love that you made a skirt into a crafty and creative you are!!


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