Sunday, April 11, 2010

Project 365 - Week 15


Happy Easter!  We had a wonderful weekend with Granny.


Saying our good-byes.  :(


Gracie wanted to wear her tutu to dance class.  I couldn't resist.


Gracie is in dance, so Nator and I have mommy/daughter time.  This lil' girl loves her some math.  She also gets excited if her flip-flop accidentally turns over and she sees a recycle symbol.  "Mom, did you know that you can recycle flip-flops?!"  :)  It's the little things in life.

We enjoyed their beautiful landscaping.


The life of a homeschooler.  Really... Does it get any better than this?  Gracie is working on her grammar.  Outside, the weather is beautiful.

Enjoying our azaleas.


Enjoying a lil' Pei Wei yumminess. :)

No pic today {unless you want a pic of my computer}. ;)  I spent all day, as I had on Thursday and Friday, editing pictures.  We delivered the pictures to friends and took the famished family team out to eat.  Outback.  Yummo!

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I'll be around to visit everyone soon! :)


  1. Love the pic of Gracie! Is this a new "rule of three?" lol. Blessings, SusanD

  2. I love the pictures of Gracie in her tutu... did you adjust the coloring on the picture?

  3. Great pictures! Love the ones of your girl in her dancing attire.

  4. You are doing such a good job of taking photos everyday. I quit after one week. :) I was driving my family crazy. :)

  5. wow, that picture of gracie is beautiful....I think you need to buy a lock for her door! :)

    I am loving my azaleas too!! so much color!

    I now do believe that you LOVE Pei Wei! ha! So what is your favorite dish there?

  6. I had no idea! that means I really don't have any excuses to hang on to those nasty flip flops I can't seem to part with!

    such sweet photos of your cutie patootie girls!

  7. I love your pictures! You captured your week beautifully!

  8. I really didn't think the girls could get any cuter, but then look at Gracie! Love your flip flops!!
    Since you keep posting Pei Wei pictures I am going to have to find out how far one is from here. My curiosity is totally getting the best of me.
    Have a great week!!

  9. Beautiful ballerina pictures!

    Your azaleas look so much better than mine. Mine are still bitter at me for uprooting them (for their own good, mind you) and putting them in a new location. Wonder how many years they'll hold a grudge...

    Wow. Y'all are some Pei Wei-eatin' folks, aren't ya?

  10. Loved your week! I'm jealous of the home schooling. No, I don't have children - I'd just like to be home schooled right now LOL. Too bad I can't telecommute...

  11. Stunning photography!


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