Sunday, March 21, 2010

Project 365 - Week 12


It's that time again.  Another trip to the party store!  Nator originally picked a Tinkerbell theme, but after thinking about it, she wanted her male friends to feel comfortable too.  Isn't that sweet?


We were on the hunt for more High School Musical decor for cake decorations, but were only successful in getting distracted by cute $1 socks.  The girls may or may not have changed their minds 100 a few times before we made it to check-out.

My order from Nature's Hollow came in.  I'm happy because we can finally eat a few things made with xylitol.  


We are not redneck.  I repeat.  We are not redneck.  I took pictures of our backyard in disbelief of how much our weeds have taken over our yard since it's seen a lil' TLC.  Do you see the alligator's eyes?  {A floaty from last summer.  I repeat.  We are not redneck.}  The next day, our neighbor mowed our backyard.  We have the best neighbor.  Ever.

It was spring-break in most schools this week, but we only took Monday and Tuesday off.  No scouts.  No dance.  It was nice having a break in schedule.

Someone in the house is having 'issues', so I did my research to avoid a doctor's appointment.  {So far, so good.  Yay!}


I am on the phone with a good friend.  We usually talk for an hour.
"Mom, may I juice the oranges?"
"Wait till Mommy can help you."
Two minutes later, I look over my shoulder to find this picture.
After I discovered no sharp knives were used, it made me smile.  ;)

Toying with the idea of going back on my yeast cleanse diet, I've eaten this dish a lot lately.   Quinoa mixed with spinach, raw almonds and avocado.  I know.  Wipe your drool. ;)


We had to see DK off today, but thankfully the weather was beautiful!  Flip-flops, water-guns, and hopscotch were great distractions.  Footloose and Fancy Free!


DK made it back home.  Short trip.  While he is working upstairs, the girls and I indulge in a few games of Go-Fish and Old Maid.  We spent the rest of the evening picking up birthday balloons and ordering a High School Musical cake.  {I was unsuccessful at finding the proper decor to make one myself.}


I'm convinced that Nator's prayers helped postpone the pouring rain until everyone... arrived, ate cake, opened gifts, played {a lil'} in the park, and took a few silly pix.  It may or may not help to jump up and down while praying.  Just sayin'.  It worked for her.  She also jumped up and down when thanking God after it was over.

Then, the heavens opened up and it rained.  All. day.

After the party, we joined some friends for a long, yummy lunch at Pei Wei.  It was wonderful to catch up with them.  All of our kids may or may not have taken about 100 pictures with our iPhones.  I'll spare you.  You're welcome.

The rest of the day was a blur.  I think I stayed on the sofa until bedtime, watching episodes of NCIS with DK... enjoying the rain, indoors.

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  1. I think quinoa is so pretty - it shimmers! And it's yummy - but the cleanup is a mess (at least for me - those little quinoa buggers are a pain to clean off the counter, & the way I cook there are ALWAYS some on the counter LOL).

    Love the pic of the girls playing in the yard. We're a while away from having THAT kind of weather - but that was a nice reminder that it will, indeed, arrive at some point!

  2. I'll have to try the jumping up and down while praying. Can't wait to see party pics...sounds like a fun theme.

    Yum...fresh squeezed OJ. I want to go make some right now...if only we had oranges!

    Wow, we need a neighbor like yours!

  3. Cute pics. Those socks are super cute.

    I am going to have to check out Nature's Hollow :)

    Glad the praying and jumping held the rain off for the party.

  4. I have never heard of quinoa but it looks yummy!

  5. Your pictures are so amazing! I really love the one of the cards with your daughter in the background.

  6. I hear about guinoa all the time, but I'm chicken to try something new. But you make it look so yummy.

  7. You would only be a redneck if that alligator was up on concrete blocks! :)
    I am jealous that the girls were in swimsuits. Love warmth!!
    What a fun party theme and I think jumping up and down when praying, might just catch on!

    Have a super week!!

  8. I really need to get some of that ketchup! Does it taste the same?

  9. Rachelle, I find it tastes similar.

  10. oh goodness! you are seriously the coolest mom ever! the girls wanted to play in the water the other day and i would not let them. I'll show them the picture later ;)

    high school musical party! woohoo sounds fun!

    and you'll have to let me know how the "natural" meds help out with that little problem.

    we are not rednecks! totally made me laugh out loud!

  11. Man. I've got parties coming up soon, too. Oh, dear.

    I think your backyard looks a lot like mine. I wouldn't dare judge.

    Yum. Your quinoa dish sounds delish! Seriously!!

    Was it really THAT warm there!? I can't imagine bathing suits right now. (Maybe I'm just not ready to admit that swimming season is right around the corner, and it's not going to be pretty on my part.)

    Love the pic of the card game. That giggly, sneaky look on Gracie's face. So cute.

  12. Love quinoa and that store looks neat. We use a lot of agave and xylitol.


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