Monday, February 8, 2010

Who Dat!

 Watching the most exciting game ever played in football with friends may or may not cause you to jump up and down, screaming in excitement.
We needed some good news, ya'll.  A superbowl win by the Saints?!  
31 to 17.  I'll take it! ;)
I love my friends dearly.  They've helped me through some of the roughest patches in life these past several years.  There's nothing like good sofa therapy with a friend.

Well, there's always dart gun therapy...
Some of our little ones may or may not have licked the icing off the remaining king cake.  Oi.
In the end, the best part was simply spending time with some of our best friends...
even though one of them happens to be from Indiana.  We don't hold that against her.  She also happens to be a nurse.  With an exciting game such as this, it's great to have one on-hand.  Don't you think?

How did you spend your Superbowl evening?


  1. I watched the Colts get hammered in the last half by the Saints with my wonderful hubby! He laughs at me when I jump up and down with excitement at a touch down or scream out..."sack him!" ahahahaha. I like the dart guns. I'll have to look for those for hubby and the grand-boy, and for me too. I sure don't want to be unarmed. lol. Blessings, SusanD

  2. I was cheering for the Saints, just for the name. :) But I didn't really watch it. I spent the whole night clipping coupons out of the four papers I bought in the morning. :) It was a long night for us. Little man slept in this morning til 7:40. Sassy's still sleeping, and it's 8:10!! That never happens. Looks like a late day for school. :)

  3. same way for us....minus the nerf guns...that looks like fun!

  4. We were rooting for the Colts but we can be happy for the Saints : )

  5. You've won a blog award!

    Please, stop by my blog to pick it up.

    Have a great week! - Angie

  6. I know. We're pumped over here.

    I spent my time on the couch too, but just with Beau and the girls. It was a great game.

  7. Our house looked a lot like yours last night...good friends and 75% of us cheering the Saints on! No nerf guns at our house either though...would have been fun! No King Cake...chili, wings, and hot dogs with a whole lot of brownies and chocolate chip cookies! The best part of the night??? Definitely the friends!

  8. We were at a friends' house, too, but the women who were there weren't football fans, so we sat in the kitchen talking. boo. I would have enjoyed the game but didn't want to sit in a roomful of men while the women were talking in the kitchen. lol.

    Glad your Saints won. I was thinking about you...and Kelly...and Amy...

  9. We just had some friends over and everyone was rooting for the colts, but me ;) Glad you had fun.

  10. Great pics. I brought my new win to the inlaws for the superbowel party. Everyone loved it...


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