Saturday, January 23, 2010

Project 365 - Week 4


Enjoying a family lunch at Panera.  After the girls eat, they move to the booth behind us.  That means Mama and DK get a mini-date.   ;)


The girls decided to have their own slumber party, practicing for the upcoming real one at a friend's house on Friday.  Mom jumped in the middle too, but this pic was much cuter. ;)


DK cooked up a yummy dish!

Oh... and do you want to see what fashion faux pas I made??

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

I suppose it's okay if I had matched my dog on purpose, which I did NOT, but that would make me one of those crazy pet owners... which I most certainly am not.   This mistake was not realized until we left the house.  I was tempted to remove Jasmine's collar... because Mama most certainly wasn't taking off her splash of color! ;)


It was a rainy day and the girls felt a little under the weather.  So, we kept schoolwork light, but they always seem to have enough energy to skate circles around the kitchen table on their scooters.  ;)


It's hot outside, so Nator breaks out the Moon Sand.  I'm already dreading the turn of spring and summer.  I remember the heat well.  {I found a recipe to make your own moon sand here.}  Oh, and don't be jealous of our greenery... it's only weeds that will be taken care of soon.

Before bed, I just so happen to catch Nator snuggled with Bella and her snuggie, working on her crochet.  This lil' girl is a sweet old soul.


It's time for the slumber party!

Crazy hats were used as birthday party favors.  Isn't that a cute idea?!

Mama and DK get a chance to go out on a date!  What are those again?  I think I remember... We ended up going to Outback and {because I knew there was actually something there I could eat on this crazy yeast cleanse diet, except...} Mama ate bread!!  Oh, how I missed you so!  We went home and watched a little NCIS.  I think I dozed through most of it.  I've been hitting it hard at the gym these days.


We picked up the girls and went to breakfast together.  Little did we know that during this slumber party, they had consumed pizza, cake, ice cream, candy... and to top it off, donuts for breakfast.  4 each to be exact.  Lord. help. me.  Needless to say, the girls were exhausted and teary.  Here's Gracie watching Enchanted ... only she's sleeping {or in a sugar coma}, wrapped up in her lil' princess canopy.  There's nothing like watching a child sleep.


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  1. Hurray for the “mini-date” How FuN!

    Love those sleeping bags :)

    The “Yummy Dish” looks highly nutritious too.

    Red/Black Dog/Owner = funnY!

    You take Great Pictures!!

  2. Sunday: gotta love Panera!!

    Monday: that is about the sweetest picture ever!

    Tuesday: okay that dish looks aMAZing.
    And matching your dog....LOL!

    Wednesday: YOU are a great mom!!

    Friday/Saturday: slumber parties are so funny, but also usually ensure a meltdown....even with boys!

    Great week!!

  3. Your girls are so cute! The yummy dish did look yummy - what was it? Looked fishy to me :)

  4. Just joined the link this week! You have some great pics.

    Loved the fashion faux pas! Funny!

    We're throwing a birthday party this coming weekend. I may borrow the crazy hat idea! Sounds cute.

  5. Woo Hoo for a little date time! Great pics!

  6. Wonderful blog you have here. You are definitely talented in the photography department! Clicked on your profile from Catherine Anne's blog because you had such a beautiful smile.

    God Bless,

  7. Outback bread was not meant to be passed up...that would just be wrong! That and Panera are two of my favs.

    The girls ate 4 donuts EACH??

    The picture of them in bed together is very sweet. They look like twins.

    I am jealous of your "summer" pictures, though thankful for our "mild" winter. Its all about perspective!

  8. DK's dish looks FABULOUS and I'm really hungry right now. Probably shouldn't be reading 365 posts at this point :-)

    Had to laugh at the matching mom and dog outfits. Too funny!

    The hat idea for party favors is excellent! I'm going to keep that in mind.

    Wonderful photos this week -- of course, your girls are so photogenic :-)

  9. Yah, that dish does look good! Can you share the recipe?

    The girls: adorable as usual!


  10. Never mind! Just found your recipe!!



  11. The color and crispness of your photos are fanastic! What do you use?

    I personally love the matching accessories with the dog!! Too funny!!

    Have a great week.

  12. Your girls are so sweet. Slumber parties I remember them well...such fun, but such a pay-for-it-later event!!

    I am totally with you would have removed the collar before my cute necklace, but I have seen worse pet/owner look alikes...ha ha!!

    Great pictures

  13. mmm Panera, now I am hungry.

    I love the girls sleeping bags, I wonder if they make those for big girls...I need one :)

  14. You know you wanted to dress like your dog. :) That was too funny. I am so bummed I wanted to do this, but I was sick. I did last week, then got sick. If I did it this week it would've been nothing but pictures of tissues and the TV. I never left the couch. :) Fun, huh? Glad you had a fun week.

  15. Love the snuggie pic!
    But, what's with the short sleeves and tank tops, and some greenery???
    You are one classy pet mamma!
    LOL the H in your name; my hubby embarrassed me with a similar screen name ;)

  16. Your girls are so cute and it sounds like they had a blast at their slumber party. Too funny your dog and you dressed alike. Aren't date nights fun!

  17. Mmmm, I heart Panera.

    I could look at photos of your lovely family all day...beautiful!

  18. Your family is just so pretty. Love that your daughter crochets. I'll have to try that Moon Sand recipe. (Funny, though, I just threw away our real Moon Sand stuff, because it was making me CRAZY!) My kids scooter and tricycle their way all around my house, too. *sigh*

  19. I love it... I may join in on the fun. So did you get my snail mail. If not Ill resend. Sorry for the trouble.

  20. man i need to get caught up over here! yeast cleanse?

    love the pictures! the girls are SO cute! and Nator working on crochet! wow! did you teach her? i tried teaching the girls how to knit....only thing is, i'm not very good at it. at.all.

    can't wait to check out that moon sand recipe!

  21. Hello there!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! What a great blog you have here and such a BEAUTIFUL family!
    I'm a mom of two girls too!! Though mine are now 16 and 18., but still just as cute. LOL!!

    I loved your post about the belly bulge and the cookbook review. It looks like a great book!!

    Looking forward to coming back by to visit again!!

    Have a great day and enjoy those girls. They grow up SOOO fast :-)


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