Friday, November 6, 2009

When did I blink?

It seems I'm not the only one in the house
reminiscing younger days.

Gracie's always been one tough cookie.
Don't let that fool you...
She's very much a girlie girl...
and has the emotions to prove it.
{Just sayin'}
DK has a house full of girls {even the pets}.
Poor Blessed Man.

When she was much younger,
she used to sleep in sponge rollers.
The next day?  Bam! 
Beautiful curls that would last the whole day.

The only problem was that as she got older, she wished for beautiful, long... STRAIGHT hair.  Mom's days of playing dress-up with her girls were fading as they were gaining more independence and...
Gasp!  This Gracie.  She has always been our "strong-spirited" baby. 
Gotta love it.

Last night, my baby girl pulled out the rollers.  She knew I would be excited.
{Only she pulled out the hot rollers.  If you thought sponge rollers were uncomfortable to sleep with... Yikes! 
Who could sleep with those hard things?}

I gently rolled each lock of hair in her sponge rollers.
Enjoying. every. moment.

She did it just for me.
She also wore her "My Dad Rocks" t-shirt just for Daddy.

This lil' girl adds spice to our family. 
We wouldn't feel complete without her.  See her gettin' her dance on?  Seriously.

We want our girls to be little much longer,
but it feels like trying to hold on to sand. 

Gracie reminds me all the time that she can't wait to be a teenager.
I remind her that she should enjoy this season of life
because the teen years will be here before we know it.

There's a song by Kenny Chesney called "Don't Blink"...
I can't bare to listen to it's lyrics.
It makes me want to throw a 3 year old temper tantrum
in rebellion of time.

I can't believe my baby {my BABY} will be turning 8 in January. 
So be prepared for another Gracie post about that time. 
I'll try to make it interesting by showing some preggo pix. Ha!
At least you were warned. ;)

I found these little video gems of Gracie {just turned} 3...
and Nator {just turned} 5...

Please don't remind me that our girls will be driving soon.

Just pass the whole box please.
Thank you.


  1. Mine will be 8 in February. But I try not to think of it. :) What gets me is Steven Curtis Chapman's "Cinderella". I have to skip it, when it starts playing on my ipod, or I start to tear up also. What a bunch of saps we are. :)

  2. loved this!!! Hold on to those years as long as you can! My baby will turn 16 in January...I'll share my kleenex with you!!!

  3. oh, how sweet!
    They do grow up fast don't they!?!? It liked to have killed me when Emily entered the double digits! heehee

    LOVE her curls! she is a little beauty!

    Do you remember I loved her first? Audrey used to cry just about every time she heard that song. (she's my sensitive one) thinking about her daddy and not wanting to grow up.

  4. Those are great pictures! The curls are beautiful! Wow. Very touching post.

  5. Cinderella, I Loved Her First... *{deep}sigh*

    Ask my hubby... he will tell you that I can only listen to a song like that so long before it has to be changed.

    Another tissue please?
    Thanks, Sara. ;)

  6. Trying to hold on to sand...that is exactly what it feels like. Loved this post. I'll be happy to buy you your very own tissue box, I can't share because I'm using this whole box myself. My baby turns 17 next month.

  7. SO precious! Both then and now. Love her curls!

  8. Wonderful post! I know so much what you are posting here. Little man will be 9 in a week :(

  9. She's so gorgeous! It's wonderful that you are enjoying the moments.

  10. SOB - way to make me all weepy-feeling on a Saturday morning. Nobody warned me that the hardest part of motherhood would be dealing with the growing up, the way they constantly change and make us so proud and so sad all at the same time! Wow. Can i throw a tantrum right alonside you?

    She is positiviely GORGEOUS.

  11. You have such beautiful LITTLE girls! Notice the emphasis on little? You're right...before you know it, we won't be writing "little" will be "beautiful teens," YIKES! I've got some tissues if you need them!

    My "not so little anymore" 20 yr old called me today just to say hi after she got off work. *sniff, sniff* They do grow up way too fast!

  12. It does fly by all too fast. I just SO wish we could slow it down a little bit. She's so great. I love it.

  13. Totally understand. Remember my poem just last month? LOL! Right there with ya!


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