Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Season of Giving

"It is possible to give without loving,
but it is impossible to love without giving."
-Richard Braunstein

This year for Christmas, the girls were excited to make
Samaritan's Purse their project.
It's not our goal to boast about our small contribution, but rather
to encourage any who may desire to join the cause.
It's not too late!

It was so great to see and hear the girls pick out items for a child in need...
and resist the temptation to ask for items themselves.
{Well, at least not whine when the response was no.
I mean, Christmas is around the corner.}

If you donate online, you can track your box.
Very cool.

I could watch the excitement of this video over and over...

Our girls have chosen to give to girls their age.
Here's a portion of an "All About Me" page they included in their boxes.

Gracie's picks: A doll attached to a blankie, colors and color book, slinky, paddle ball, Christmas socks, pencils and a notebook.

Nator's picks: A teddy bear, colors and color book, slinky, paddle ball, Christmas socks, pencils and a notebook.

I love that Nator's hero is Jesus
{and that she's proud of Him}.

What special cause is close to your family's heart this giving season?


  1. LOVE the quote at the top.

    Your girls are so sweet! Gracie's got her doctrine down -- we love Him because He loves us -- Amen!

  2. your girls are beautiful. I love Nator's glasses :)
    I love that they want to give back. that is awesome :)

  3. Samaritan's Purse is such a wonderful project. I love the items your sweeties put together, especially their notes. God bless them and the ones who receive their precious gifts of love. Blessings, SusanD

  4. awww look at your little cuties!!

    we are planning on doing this for the first time this year. the girls are really looking forward to getting things together.

  5. I love Samaritan's Purse. Great organization!

    This year we are planning our second anniversary of our 25 Days of Giving. My girls have a giving activity every day of December leading up to Christmas. They are still young so they are mostly simple activities but it is so much fun and really helps us get our mind set in the right place for Christmas.


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