Monday, November 2, 2009

The night I embarrassed my 7 yr old

We kicked the night off with some music... Gracie style, that is.
Remember she loves writing songs.
DK put some music to it.
She was smiling ear to ear!

No photo shoot is complete without Gracie's ballet poses {and silliness)...


or Nator's signature 'I love you' shots.


And Yes, I TOTALLY intended to embarrass my 7 year old fashionista by sporting one of their tutus.
I think she must have asked me 5 or 6 times if I was really going to wear that.

Jasmine's tutu was the hit of the night.
One little girl shrieked so loudly with delight, it made Jazz jump a foot off the ground!


These girls rock!  Once again, they turned down every piece of candy that was offered as they Trick-or-Treated for UNICEF.
In three years of going door to door in our lil' neighborhood,
they have collected $60.00 in spare change.

We drop the coins off at a Coinstar and donate the cash by paying online.


Their efforts are rewarded with some family fun!
{Mama lost the tutu and tiara as to not embarrass herself
her daughter any more.} 
We're too late for the costume contest.
{Which they both won 1st place in their categories last year.
Not braggin', just saying'.  Who cares if my girls were the only kids there. Ha! Kidding.}
Fun was had by all anyway.
We totally rocked at the bumper cars... for sure!!


But seriously.
At the end of the night, it's all about the shoes, isn't it?
Fashion AND comfort = pure heaven.
Nator loves her new shoes {which are full of fuzz} so much she puts them on with her PJ's.

Upon checkout {of the above mentioned shoes}, they happen to be selling the book and stuffed animal series...
If You Give a Moose a Muffin.
Gracie picked, If You Give a Cat a Cupcake.

Before bedtime, Nator leans close to me and asks,
"Mom, do you really think I could change the world?"
I fight back a tear and consider what they contribute.
With confidence, I answer,

That's what it's really about.
Giving back...
to change the world and make it a better place.
{wiping tear now}


  1. That's just too sweet! Of course she can change the world. The pics are fabulous. I love that Nator gave her sister bunny ears. And the I, ♥ you pic is precious. Great memories. Blessings, SusanD

  2. that is a neat tradition!! how fun and meaningful AND memorable :)

  3. Your girls are so sweet. I'm glad they had a fun night.

  4. I love that tradition!!!

    What a great night ya'll had!!

  5. ANY child that asks that BOUND to change the world. I mean, we all have some part in changing,often without realizing it...but, just the fact that she's thinking about it...choked me up, too...You're a good Mama!

  6. Yeah, you were totally rockin' that tutu.

  7. This was our first year trick-or-treating for UNICEF. Both the kids can't wait to do it again next year and were so pleased with all the donations they got.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, we homeschool too....I'll be back :)

  8. Ok, Mama Belle stole my line - totally rockin' the tutu! Yes!

    I absolutely LOVE the fact that your hubby and your girl sit there, play guitars and write music together. That is just the sweetest thing. I fully expect to hear one of her songs on the radio someday. :)


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