Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dear Santa...



Nator:   I think I have it figured out.
Mama:  What?
Nator:   I think I know who Santa is.
Mama:  Really?
Gracie:  Who?
Nator:   I think it's Mommy and Daddy buying the presents.
Gracie:  No, it's not!!
{Mama just smiles.  Gracie looks at Mama.}
Gracie:  Tell me the truth!  Is it really you?!
Mama:  What do you think? {we say that a lot}
Gracie:  I think it's Santa.
Mama:  Just like we've always told you...
Santa has a secret identity that will one day be revealed to you.
Nator:  I think it's you and dad.
{Mama smiles}
Nator:  But when will we know?
Mama:  You'll figure it out.
Nator:  But how old will we be?!
{Mama smiles}

I mean...
look at this expression.
I couldn't dare say anything different!

I'm not ready to unravel all of the mystery of Santa just yet.
I mean, why wouldn't I want to wake up with Gracie at 4 a.m
{like I did last year} due to the excitement?

{There's no pause OR snooze button on these gals.}

They continue writing their letters...
just. in. case.
I mean, it's not like they're asking for much.
{Note sarcasm}


  1. so cute!!! i just loved this post.

  2. ok H-Mama....i am seriously loving your blog! i just read a few pages! you are good at this! what a fun place to open up this friday morning. :)
    have i been here before but forgot? did you get a makeover? :) do i know you?

    love the operation christmas child post. we always forget a we are rushing like crazy last minute. i will get busy now so it doesn't feel like it next week.

  3. Adorable!

    My older boys have figured it out but my younger two are still all about Santa.

  4. I am at that very same spot with my boy. But I don't want it ruined for Sassy. So, we try to keep him going for atleast this year. I'm thinking next year when he's 10 will be a good time for the truth. My parents always used to say "If you don't believe, you don't receive." I'll be using that line.

  5. Sweet! Those big, brown, beseeching eyes are gonna be the death of you. In a good way :)

    Both of my girls are a bit young to think much about Santa. Or maybe we just haven't played it up as much as we could...but I like your secret-identity tack. That'll come in handy!


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