Thursday, October 8, 2009

Voyage {to Mars}

This was our 3rd annual trip to Houston for NASA's Homeschool Day.
{3 times may be the charm for us. Whew!}
It always seems to fall the same week as our wedding anniversary.
Romantic, yes?

It's always nice to see that we're not the only ones doing schoolwork in our PJ's.  There are MANY! ;)

This year's theme was Voyage.

The person who came up with this brilliant glitter project should have to sit in time-out.
{Did they not think of the parents carrying these during our stay?  Or bringing them home for that matter?}  Oh well.  It was all good.  They had fun... and the huge cup of red glitter that A-Nator dumped went right through the table onto the ground and NOT in my carpet.  Just sayin'.


The weather girls...
Be sure to catch them on your local news!

See?  This is why I could NOT be an astronaut {or pilot of any sort}.
There are hundreds thousands of little buttons... not a good mix when one can be a klutz {at times}.

This is why I'm ready to take my voyage to Mars...

"The surface gravity of Mars is .38 of Earth's surface gravity.  So, if you weighed 100 pounds on Earth, you would weigh 38 pounds on Mars. (100x.38=38)."

Womankind should have left Venus, skipping Earth, and headed straight for Mars!
If you know what I mean.

I would totally weigh 38 pounds on Mars!


  1. Mars would be a instant ego boot for sure! Looks like fun!

  2. Oh boy! Now that looks like an awesome field trip!

    We had to miss ours this week because the Espressos got colds... :(


  3. I seriously need to live on Mars.

    Your pictures are SO great. what a fun adventure.

  4. H-Mama, thanks for missing're sweet and I miss you too! Seriously, life has just been crazy with my assignments and practicing in my photography son joining the Army and all of the hoops we had to jump through to get a medical waiver for daughter flying off to Chicago on her first trip by herself...a young church family's house catching on fire in the middle of the night and almost taking their lives...searching for and listening to tons of songs each week, looking for songs to sing in our music ministry, plus the list goes on and on, so I'll stop there!

    I am looking forward to the day that life slows down a little...will that ever happen? I hope to be stopping by to visit and blog surfing again soon. Now off to finish packing....leaving early in the morning to the Women of Faith Conference and will be home late Saturday evening. Thanks for commenting on my blog. :)

    Oh and by the your pics in your sidebar, as well as all of your other pics that you share on here!

  5. Fun, fun, FUN times! :) That's just great...and the glitter comment...hilarious. Yes, TIME OUT for sure. :) I've done many-a glitter projects. Eek. :) Loved the pictures...will be looking for the girls next time I'm checking out our local weather! TeeHee!

  6. So, I could have sworn that I clicked to follow your blog a long, long time ago...and I kept wondering why nothing was showing up in my reader but assumed you weren't posting much -- wrong!

    I would weigh more than 38 pounds on Mars...but still less than I weigh on earth. I say lets settle down there! :)

  7. but will it make me a size 4 again??????? haha

    your pics are great love your bling bling!

  8. What a great experience! I love being home with my girls and seeing their eyes light up and new and interesting things. (It makes up for the days that they find boring and painful.) Thanks for stopping by my place!


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