Monday, October 26, 2009

{Sometimes} I'm a lil' slow

Emphasis on {Sometimes}. ;)

There were no BIG hints to let me know that 'Nator' couldn't see so well.
She's typically not a complainer.
On the contrary.
She's {more times than not} more of a peacekeeper.

However, there were small hints... that took me a while to pick up on.
For instance, not being able to read the kitchen's digital clock from the sofa or
not being able to read the TV's {50"} DVR menu from the kitchen table
{while the rest of us could see it... me, with glasses, of course}.
More importantly...
My poor baby girl could not read the menu when ordering at Panera.
I thought our struggle was just because she was having trouble making a decision on WHAT to order.
Silly me.

Just for the record, decision making has been known to
cause tears in our family.
{Especially when given birthday money and feeling
overwhelmed as to what to choose in the store...
which leads mommy to near insanity.
Thankfully, the decisions are getting more decisive.}

We're pretty sure she had been tested in Pre-K {while tested for hearing}
when she attended a private school.  No sign of concern then.

The verdict now that she's 9?
If it's out of her reach, she has a lil' trouble seeing it.
I shouldn't feel too guilty, right?
I mean... she managed to hit her target while working
on her archery badge.
I don't know that I could have done that.

Medical technology has come a long way.
Seeing pictures of the inside of her eye was fascinating.
Thankfully, everything looks beautiful.
I know you're disappointed I didn't have a copy of that to share with you. ;)

I love this lil' girl's self-esteem.
With every frame she tried on, she exclaimed,
"I look so cute!"
She had everyone in smiles!
{She has a second frame coming soon.}

This was her reaction to seeing the kitchen's digital clock
from the living room for the first time.  She was a lil' excited.
{and I think she wanted to share her joy with you.}

{*Edit:  I tried fixing the video... let's see if this works.}

I also heard things like...
"Mom, I can read that sign way over there!"
"Look at the detail in the floor!  I never noticed that before."


No guilt here.

When I shared this news with a friend, she {jokingly} said,
"Wow.  You failed as a mom, teacher... and nurse."



No guilt.


  1. When my youngest was 12 she got glasses...very very minor problem...she always wanted them and I thought that was a big part of it. Anyway, she 'misplaced' them and said it wasn't a big deal-'they didn't help at all'. A few months went by and I finally made an appt. to go back so we could get the prescription checked and get a new pair. I was reading a magazine when I heard the dr. say, "Just read the line you are most comfortable with." followed by my daughter's reply, 'I think that's an E" I couldn't believe how quickly her eyesight changed...I felt awful but the dr. said I could blame it on puberty. I learned my lesson though.

    I couldn't see the video but she looks awfully cute in the photos : )

  2. I so know how you feel....same thing happened to my daughter when she was 8. She walked out of the office with her new glasses on and GASPED "Mom, there are actually LEAVES on those trees!" ya, apparently she just saw green blobs.....I understand the guilt!

    I couldn't get the video to run.... :( but she looks so cute in her new frames!!!

  3. SHe does look cute with them. Both of my kids got glasses last year, but they never wear them. I don't think they need them. They just didn't understand the pictures they were showing them. They can spot the tiny specks before I can, and I wear them!! :) Kids sure do keep us on our toes, don't they?

  4. She looks so cute with her new glasses. When my son got his first pair of glasses at age 3, he watched a movie he had seen several times before, and he was so excited as he exclaimed 'look, they have faces!'

  5. What a cutie! No guilt, Mom, no guilt.

  6. You aren't alone. My mom didn't notice I had a problem until my fourth grade teacher pointed it out to her. I was VERY nearsighted. The whole ride home after getting my glasses I was amazed that the trees had leaves you could see even from a distance. My mom cried. I harass her to this day about it... talk about how scarred I was... Think of the memories you are creating.

  7. that is the cutest video!! your daughters are adorable!!


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