Monday, October 5, 2009

One of the reasons I love having girls

Our girls were so excited to attend Taty's wedding.
{Do you remember my friend Sharon?  Yep, that's her daughter.}
She made such a beautiful bride and my girls enjoyed every second of it.
They Soaked. It. Up.

I only wish that I had taken the extra 60 seconds {okay, it could've taken this mama a lot longer to leap walk upstairs} to grab my camera before we left!  We were afraid we'd risk getting there right at the same time Taty was to walk down the aisle.  Not exactly the lasting memory we hoped to make.

DK's iPhone will have to do.
Taty and {her new hubs} handled everything gracefully...
as you can see. ;)


The wedding photographer liked A-Nator and showed me the pics she took in her camera.
{Gotta love digital! I have to admit, I wanted all of her cameras!}
A-Nator said, "Mom, the paparazzi is here!"

I remember that feeling of being overwhelmed at our reception
17 years ago.
Trying to talk to everyone, as we knew it would be good-bye
for quite some time.
We were to get married, honeymoon in Mexico, and move to another state
 all within the same week!

Taty and her new hubs are in St. Lucia.
Sounds relaxing.


As for me, I was being harassed by my family for indulging in wedding cake.
{Of course, this is after they all ate theirs.  Just sayin'.}
Hubby thought he was going to take a sneaky pic, so I just gave it to him.
I don't know who was trying to hold me back {see the hand?}.

I just figure Bob & Jillian don't have to know.



  1. you go girl! eat that cake!

    our girls attended their first two weddings this summer...they loved all the "princesses"!

  2. Girls are fun! Weddings and girls are extra fun!

  3. girls ARE so much fun!

    Sarah (3) was in a wedding over the summer and she loved it...... in her mind it was all one big party for her....forget the bride and groom lol

  4. You are making me covet a daughter....and wedding cake ;) look far to young to have daughters that old

  5. Seriously, Katie... I may have to take you home with me. Ha! Oh, and you can still wear flip-flops here too! :D

  6. Oh my gosh, you're just too cute!!! And so are those girls...of course!

  7. Who can turn down wedding cake??? Not me, that's for sure. And yeah, Bob and Jillian don't have to know. ;)

    Look at you, with your snazzy pics in your sidebar! Nice job, H-mama!


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