Friday, October 23, 2009

Granny {Goodness}

'Nator' needed to work on a picture project for scouts for her travel badge, so she chose these snapshots as part of her project.  These are the things that stand out to her when visiting Granny... down the bayou.

A house filled with memories.

Christmas collectibles displayed year round.
Tea sets.
A smiley-face created by DK {with the tip of his pool stick}
when he was a boy.
{Granny didn't know till I told her!  Sorry, hun!
Oh, and your name was also etched in the dresser.
She knew about that one.}

Pictures of memories held dear.
Decorations ready for fall and talk of Christmas plans.
Plenty of room for future reminiscence....
and lots more hugs 'n kisses.

{Huggin' so hard it hurts... but 'Nator' reminds us that it's
"a good kind of hurt."}  ;)

We love you, Granny!
{bayou pix coming soon...}


  1. oh, i love it!

    i love going through my grandmother's house. and when i go thru antique stores i'm always reminded of her back porch (where she stores every.single.thing)

    "a good kind of hurt" that is so sweet!

  2. Yes...that's totally granny's house! Love it!!

  3. my first thought with the smiley face was "how is it still there?" Then I realized it was the ceiling!!! :)

    great pictures and even better memories!!

  4. How I love going back to grandmas house!

  5. What a fun idea...and very's always nice to remember the special things! :) Thanks...the pics (as always) are fun to's connects me! I love pictures!

  6. Be watching your mailbox for a letter from my lawyer for publishing our family picture without permissions! The Adams Family

  7. I'll take the risk of the lawsuit. It's a great pic, Granny. ;)

  8. Snapshots are a great way to think about granny's house (and you don't have to dust it!).

    What sweet memories! LOL about the smiley face on the ceiling!


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