Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gracie's Racers

Sometimes Many times, we take so much for granted.  What our dear friends went through with their precious baby girl in 2006 is a heartache no parent should have to endure.  Yet, they continue to do it... and do it well I might add.  My girls nearly cried themselves to sleep after watching our friend's video.  Here's a glimpse into their daily lives... grab a tissue!

Here's a portion of a letter written by Emma Grace's parents...

"She (Emma Grace) recently told me, "Mom I WAS going to be a rock star but then I decided that I wouldn’t get to see my kids very much so I think I will just be a mommy." To be precise, she has put in her request with God for triplet girls when she "is big and married."

Listening to her plan her future is both a heartwarming and heart-clutching experience. She is quite a determined child, and we are convinced, if given the opportunity, she will exceed every goal she sets for herself, whether it is having a career or children or both.
Anyone who knows Emma Grace knows her boundless energy and straight-forward way of approaching life. Recently, a great aunt was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. When Emma Grace heard the news, her immediate response was, "No worries. Tell her if I can do it, she can too."

We desire nothing more than for Emma Grace to be able to grow up and have beautiful babies and accomplish whatever she sets her mind to do, but we also know the harsh reality of living with her disease. Reaching her goals will require strict discipline every minute of every day of her life. Long-term effects of diabetes can include kidney failure, blindness, loss of limbs and much worse.

With every finger prick, I say a prayer that her blood sugar levels will be in a good range and that this prick could be the last. Every shot has me praying that I could take on this disease for her…that she could eat birthday cake without taking a shot, that she could stay the night at a slumber party instead of having to leave, just as all the other girls are climbing into their pajamas, because she is not old enough to give herself a shot. I know, though, that unless God has it in His divine plan to heal our baby, the only hope is that someone will find a cure soon."

If you are interested in supporting this effort, I'm sure they would appreciate it.
Just click here.
There is much to be done.
Love and Prayers... 


  1. my mom is a type 1 diabetic. She was diagnosed when she was in her early 60s. She is one of the oldest people on record to be diagnosed with Type 1. So, this is also her life, only with the twist that they don't fully understand type 1 in an older body. Thank you for posting about this.

  2. My heart really goes out to little Gracie and her parents! I know this has to be very difficult for them and I understand first hand about wanting to take the shots etc. for your child. It's not easy watching them go through pain everyday. I will pray for Gracie and also for a cure! Thanks for posting this.


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