Thursday, September 3, 2009

Every photo shoot

Starts like this.
Then mom presses her luck trying for another.

One sister gives love.

The other receives it... well, sort of.

One hams it up.

Laughs ensue.

Followed by silliness.

Ah... back where we started.
The beginning of scouts marks the beginning of a new school year.
My babies are entering 2nd and 4th grade.


  1. I smiled through all of those!!! such sweet girls!

  2. Great photo how they always ham it up! You have such cute girls! :)

  3. What a fun picture story!! They are so stinking cute. :)

  4. I feel ya'. I have two hams myself.

  5. Just read the comment you left me and had to tell you...that's why I love the candle so much...because I gave up coffee a long time ago, so smelling the candle gives me such joy and pleasure without even drinking a latte! LOL


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