Sunday, July 19, 2009

Standin' by our Man

What would you have done?

OPTION 1: Honey was out of town the previous night. He calls and asks, "Hey, I'm on my way back home. I forgot to bring something for the guys on the job-site. Do you want to ride with me the 2 hrs back, wait 30 minutes for me and then ride back home the 2 hours with me?"

OPTION 2: Stay home all day and do chores because company will be coming in 2 days to stay for 2 nights. There is much to do.

Road Trip!

I'm all for riding somewhere when there's a destination. Although, this trip (for us gals anyway) had none. So... Before you think I've lost my mind towing 2 kids and the family pet on the this road trip, let me explain...

The girls are generally great at entertaining themselves. Of course, the DVD player helps. They would watch TV almost all day long if I let them anyway. And the dog? Well, she's a great traveler. Besides, I think she expects there will be 'Starbucks Puppy Foam' at some point. We bring her... or leave her to pant & shiver from stress in her kennel for hours. I do have a heart. This trip, for me, was all about adult conversation... with my man. We love talking in the car together. Can you say, "Undivided attention?" :)
I pack snacks and things to do... We get out of the door about 2-ish.

We made it to the destination! See how nice the weather is?

Well, look what blew in... scary stuff.

Very dark clouds, large lightening, thunder... the works.
Some silliness is required as a distraction.

The girls "save" their Webkinz by stuffing them in their backpacks in case they were to get struck by lightening. Yes, I know they have too many... but they LOVE those crazy things.

A-Nator later tells me that they were afraid of their Webkinz getting struck, turning to fluff and having snow in the car. What an imagination...

Next form of entertainment... pix.

This is our "we're scared of the storm" face.
See the terror in Gracie's expression? Ha!

This is our "Do you hear the wind?" expression.

Jasmine does a good expression too, no?
Really. This dog is so well-behaved!

Dad just texted... after an hour and a half of waiting,
he says he will be 20-30 minutes more.
So... here is our 'sad face'.

Good thing I came prepared.
I read more of Darin Hufford's book,
The God's Honest Truth.

The girls watch a DVD and play with their Webkinz...
You should hear their dialogue.
They have quite an imagination.
I love these girls!

Forty minutes later, our man came back... not that we were counting.
What was once a parking lot became a shallow swimming pool.
I rescued my knight in steel-toed boots and a hard hat
so that he wouldn't get completely drenched.
We ate dinner together, grabbed a Starbucks
and made it home by 9 p.m.
Would I do it again?
Probably so.


  1. love spontaneity!!! I would do it too! have to say that the first picture of your girls and the dog, it looks like your daughter is biting the dogs ear! ha!

  2. I would take a trip with my honey in a second,too! (Only for my honey!) So glad you had fun!


  3. Good for you! Adventure is good for the soul!

  4. This is one happy family. You guys are adorable. And I love that the girls appear to be so close and get along well. Very refreshing.

  5. Road trip all the way! Some of the best memories are made during times like this, right???

    Love the self-pics - you are one gorgeous lady!


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