Tuesday, June 9, 2009

4 Things

  • Four jobs I’ve had
    1. Church Secretary
    2. Secretary/Payroll for a Construction Co.
    3. Home/Health Supply Co. (Ordering medicine for patients and calling others to tell them we had to pick up their electric scooter, etc because insurance would not pay. They thought it would be funny to have the minister’s wife do that job. Cruel.)
    4. Photography (very part-time)

  • Four movies I can watch over and over
    1. Watching something over and over doesn’t really appeal to me. It has to be dense with rich dialogue. I’ll say….
    2. Pride & Prejudice
    3. The Count of Monte Cristo
    4. Little Women

  • Four places I’ve lived
    1. Georgia
    2. Florida
    3. Louisiana
    4. Texas

  • Four TV shows I love
    1. Gilmore Girls (I’m in the middle of a marathon right now)
    2. American Idol
    3. HGTV
    4. Biggest Loser

  • Four places I’ve vacationed
    1. Cancun (honeymoon)
    2. Branson, MO
    3. Coast of CA. Los Angeles to San Francisco (For an entire month after I graduated high school)
    4. New York

  • Four of my favorite dishes
    1. Greek Salad with a whole grain baguette
    2. Chicken Gumbo (especially on a cold, rainy day)
    3. Anything Italian (my absolute favorite… but Bob & Jillian would not be happy with my choices)
    4. Good chocolate (That’s a dish, no?)

  • Four sites I visit daily (ok, not daily… but often)
    1. Gmail
    2. Blog
    3. Google (I should have a degree by now from Google University)
    4. Ebay

  • Four places I would rather be right now
    1. Anywhere with DK, A-Nator & Gracie.
    2. Seriously.
    3. That is my answer.
    4. Travel is great (especially a cruise), but home is best.

If you haven't done this already, consider yourself tagged! Seriously. :)


  1. Chocolate is a dish, I'm sure of it :)

  2. Little women is one of my favorites!!

  3. We went to Cancun too on our honeymoon. Overrated.

  4. Four places I’ve lived
    1. Georgia
    2. Florida
    3. Louisiana
    4. Texas

    You are a TRUE southern gal! I've always lived in the north but I'm up for a move! South sounds good to me! Know anyone that needs a good pastor? :)


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