Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Movie Marathon in Review

This is a run-down of most of our movie marathon over the Memorial Day weekend...
It's movies like this that feed my over-protective parenting style. I think this movie aged me 5 yrs. Heart Palpitations. Having said that, I don't personally know anyone in their right mind who would allow their 18 yr old to travel like this young lady planned to. Following a rock band tour only accompanied with a 19 yr old on the other side of the world? I get the premise of the movie though. I am ordering plastic bubble wrap for my girls in bulk as soon as I finish this post!

I suppose this is your typical predictable chic-flick, but even DK said it was a little better than he expected.

At first, I wasn't sure what to expect from this movie since I really didn't know anything about its premise. When reading history about this horrific era, I have wondered what the soldier's thoughts were behind the scenes. How could anyone support such a dictator as Hitler? Hard to watch at times, but helps in giving insight behind the scenes. Still... not as hard as watching The Pianist.

Yes, we watched this movie... again. Although they did a great job of capturing emotion in unwritten dialogue, I need more than "Waaallleee" and "Eeevah" in the first half. Still... cute.

This movie was ok. Not theatre worthy (as we watched it the first time), but it had its funny moments. We had to go on a Redbox scavenger hunt for this one. Crazy memorial weekend.

If you love dogs, you will probably think this movie is cute. This is a good movie to watch with the little ones and lots of popcorn... It was family-friendly cute.

Cheetah Girls (Gracie's pick) & Arthur (A-Nator's pick) are movies the girls watched while DK and I watched the first few movies listed. Yes, I've watched them before too... the love of a mother. I was thankful not to have to do so again.

I know it's not a movie, but...

The Gosselins. I'm just so saddened by everything surrounding the gossip of this family. Why are people so quick to turn on each other? Many seem to have such strong opinions of either John or (especially) Kate. I can't even imagine what it's like taking care of 8 children in the spotlight. I wonder... what would be showcased on TLC if a camera followed us? Truth is... there's always more than meets the eye. Let's not be so quick to judge. I genuinely hope they will work things out.


  1. Thanks for these reviews...I'm looking for some movies to watch!

    Josh just watched Taken the other night...and then spent half an hour retelling me the entire movie. He agreed - who would allow their daughter to travel like that?!

  2. I hope the Gosselins work it out too. It was so sad to watch on Monday. I just keep saying, it's not about any one person, there are just so many layers there. Not an easy life, even with the millions.
    I said the same thing to my husband after we watched, "well, NO ONE would like me if the saw how I act all the time in my home and on my errands, etc." I'd be harshly judged for my impatience especially...yup.

    And wow, that's a lot of movies! Fun. :)

  3. O.k. I can get on now, but first I get the message and then press the back button and it pulls up your blog. I hope they fix this soon..

    I have not yet watched Taken but have heard it will make me even more protective than I already am.

    I agree about John and Kate plus 8, I love this show, but I think they may need to step out of the lime light and work things out behind the scenes.

  4. I have no opinions on the Gosselin's as far as who is right and who is wrong. I do however think these people need to get out of the limelight and work this out to whatever end away from the cameras. I mean really, is anyone of those 8 children going to want know that the anatomy of their parents divorce is available on DVD? That is the part I think is destructive.

  5. Taken...oh my word. We watched it last weekend, and I was palpitating right along with you. Crazy. I really enjoyed it over all, but we couldn't get over the fact that they let those girls go over there by themselves. No way.

    I've been wanting to see Valkyrie - that's next on my list. I know it will probably be hard to watch, though.


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