Thursday, April 2, 2009

Something Old??

A-Nator: "Mom, since tomorrow is Valentine's Day, it would be a good day for you and daddy to go on a date, right?"
Mom: "Yes, it would. However, there will be hundreds of people going out on Valentine's Day. I'd rather save our date night on a night when not as many people will be out."
A-Nator: "I like having a babysitter. It's like being with my parents, but without daddy and the babysitter is younger than my mommy."
Mom: "But not THAT much younger, right?"
A-Nator: "No...... only about 20 years younger."
Mom: huh?! :-/

A-Nator's 9th Birthday...
Mom: "So how does it feel to be the oldest lady in the house?" (*In my mind, I was thinking of the oldest between the 2 of them.)
A-Nator: "I'm not the oldest. You are!"
Tucking A-Nator in bed last night...
Mom: "Goodnight Sweetheart."
A-Nator: "You're an old lady and a nice lady."
Mom: "What did you say?"
A-Nator: "You're an old lady and a nice lady."
(Mom thinks: Oh no she di-n't, but says...)
Mom: "Well, you may think I'm old but when you're my age, you'll realize just how young your mama was."
A-Nator: "Well, you're in the middle... between old and young."

Mom is noticing a theme here... :-/

Now to today's photo challenge...
Mom: "If mommy needs to take a picture of something old, what should it be?"
A-Nator: "Your wedding. That was a long time ago."
*that was 16 yrs ago. i don't have any digital pix. maybe that was a long time ago?
Gracie: "My baby clothes. That's really old."
*she's 7

A picture of something old? I don't have grandparents to draw from nor momentos from their pasts. So here you have it... because I don't have any wedding pictures saved on my computer and I don't feel like dragging 7 yr old baby clothes out of the attic. I give you something old through the eyes of my girls. It's ME... trying to keep it young. During the girls' recent birthday photo shoot in the back yard, they decided Mama needed some tutu pix too... so I played along. Of course I think it goes without saying that I'm hoping I DON'T win bragging rights to this part of the contest. Ha! :)

And something that is growing old?



No, seriously. When I think of something old, I think of history. DK and I really enjoyed our trip to NY! We visited many sites and took a TON of pictures, so it was really hard to narrow it down from the pictures I took while touring the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. It is very rich in History.

This is a symbol of luggage left behind by many immigrants during that time period.

This is in the Ellis Island Immigration Museum as well. Depending on where you stood, there were pictures of people that make up our America or the American Flag. I tried to capture both in one shot.

To view more about this photo contest and see some great shots, please go visit:

Thanks so much for hosting this, Amber. This has been great fun taking pictures, looking through older photos of mine and looking at what others came up with. What a creative bunch! I look forward to the next one! :)


  1. I love the Ellis Island pictures, especially the flag! I've never been there, but I would love to go someday. It would be really neat to see such an important part of America's history :-)

  2. LOL - too cute! I LOVE all these photos. I have never gotten to visit the East Coast (unless you count Disney World). I would love to see all that history... someday! I love your top and your necklace... very sassy!

  3. Love the tutu photos and your not old or that would mean I am too.

    I am over housework, but unfortunatley that is what I am doing today..ughh:(

    Love the pics from Ellis Island, I have only been to NYC once and it was for a wedding so it did not allow time to go out there.

  4. Well if you are old,then I am the ancient of days! Gotta love kids and their frank opinions. I like the flag thing-I will have to remember to go to that museum if and when we get back to NY. Nice choices-including the tutu!

  5. Hey H-Mama, I just love those pics of you in the tutu! Seriously, you should put them in a frame with your girls in their tutu. That would be so cute!

  6. Loved the tutu pictures!! Our children age us everyday and for those that don't believe, just ask your kids, they never lie...about our age!!! HA!

  7. You are beautiful and so not old!

    Your pictures were great this week, you did a wonderful job.

    The museum pictures are so full of stories. Can you imagine what stories they have?


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