Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Circus

Remember those cartoons from the Sunday paper? They were my favorite even before we had our girls. Now, they remind me so much of things my children would say. However, there is one that left a deep impression... deep. I think of it almost every time my girls ask me to help them with something. It prompts me to stop what I'm doing most of the time... or at least think about the need to stop what I'm doing, but sometimes things have to get done.

The first picture in the cartoon was of the parents washing dishes together. Nice, huh? One of the kids began tugging at mom's dress, asking her to play a game with him. She says, "Not now." The last cartoon shows the kids (now teens) moving out. They look to be putting the last box in their car, ready to hit the road. You can see the parents standing in the yard with the cloud text reading, "Now?"

I don't want to miss a thing. It goes by ever so quickly. Here's some of the high-lights from our evening...
  • Take care of my sweet A-Nator. Thankfully, our chiropractor didn't believe she had a broken bone. It's more of a sprain. Not fun, but better than a fracture. Ice packs on the sternum ordered by the doctor and officially wrapping her in plastic bubble wrap ordered by Mama!

  • Read I Love You Stinky Face & Love You Forever at A-Nator's request... again.

Remember at the end when the mom is too old and sick to sing to her son?

A-Nator: "I think she can't sing the song because she's sick, not because she's too old."

Mama: "You think so?"

A-Nator: "I would never tell anyone they were too old."

Mama: "Yes, it could hurt their feelings."

A-Nator: "Well, except you. I would tell you."

Mama: laughs out loud

A-Nator: "You would just laugh."

  • After Bible stories, I learn that Gracie wants to paint her ceiling hot pink. It will not happen, but we have good laughs about it.

  • Learn that A-Nator has named her body pillow "Steve". She must hug "Steve" when lying on her side... per chiropractor's orders. Apparently, his name came from the movie Over the Hedge. Cute movie...


  1. Family Circus rocked:) I really like those two books, we have them as well.

  2. Your girls are so sweet! Hope A-nator feels better soon.

  3. I actually have that Stinky Face book in my garage sale box for a quarter. Sad, huh? I miss reading the same books over and over again to my kids. K Belle's fave was "Five Little Monkey Jumping on the Bed." And, La Petite Belle's was "Goodnight Moon," which was one of my faves as a kid.

    Steve, huh?

  4. I used to have to read Love You Forever, too. So sweet were the days... I guess my 10 yr old would still love it!

    So sweet...


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