Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's official... Exercise clothes make you fat!

Seriously, I've put on at least 15-20 lbs since reaching my goal weight a few years ago. My feet have not touched a scale in at least 3 months. Mix a huge life-change (maybe I'll save that for another post), schedule change and older aching joints and you've got the perfect recipe for increase! At the height of my fitness, I loved doing a walk/run combo. However, over time my hip joints began to complain. My chiropractor has pointed me to the elliptical machine and I'm learning to love it in combination with the perfect songs on my ipod.

A plastic surgeon once said that running breaks down breast tissue and after a while all runners begin to look the same without a surgeons intervention. That's just great. After a hip replacement, I could add reconstructive surgery to the list if I'm not careful. Forget it! After giving birth to 2 kids, mama has a secret wish list anyway! I must remind myself that I am wonderfully made... even after pregnancy.

I put the workout clothes on in the morning and begin my day! Morning chores are calling me. I warm up the skillet to cook pancakes and eggs for breakfast while warming up to sing the 'Mom Song', school the children, tend to the pets, do those chores that never get noticed until they do NOT get done somewhere between subjects, wonder and hopefully prepare what will be on the menu for my picky eaters, run any needed errands, grade papers, cut the grass, take out the trash... I really could go on, but I think you get the idea? Momma feels as though she has run a 1/2 marathon already!

No excuses, right? Believe me, I actually enjoy working out once I get started and I will find my routine again. I will.

Back to the point. I've noticed that these exercise clothes are quite comfy! That is, until I try to put my jeans on in the evening. Ah! Either Mama has not watched her insulin rising food intake as closely as she should (Can I put that chore on someone elses list please?) or someone has replaced my jeans with that of my 9 yr olds!

Maybe I'll slip the jeans on (or stuff myself in them) in the morning instead and lay the stretchy clothes next to the front door to throw on right before I hit the gym?! It could work...


  1. Hey, H-Mama! Glad you signed on for the 30 x 5 challenge. I appreciate this snapshot into your life, the life of the average American mom and how we struggle to find the time to move around for health's sake. I'll be excited to hear how this goes for you.

  2. good luck!

    i find workout close depressing - i guess its because i try to go for the cute tiny stuff and my body says "no way!"

  3. I say stick with the workout clothes. Who cares? That's all I wear when I'm not working or going out. I think that if I put them on first thing in the morning, I have no excuse not to work out ... I'm already dressed.

    Glad you found my blog and glad I found yours.

    I'm not doing the challenge by the way because I don't like setting myself up for failure.

  4. For some reason, stupid Google won't let me follow you. I'll keep trying.

  5. Do tell, what is the "mom song"?

  6. P.S.
    I'm following your blog, now! :)

  7. Oh! I've seen that before. I've seen Anita up close and personal at Pastor's conferences.

    By the way, that link didn't work. It said that it was no longer available due to copyrite.

    Thank you!

  8. I am so grateful for your post... after three children, I have to roll up my breasts each morning as it is... I will NEVER take up running!

    Okay seriously, I totally get you on this. One hour after waking up I feel like I have already been on the treadmill. It works better when I motivate myself with free childcare at the gym!


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