Monday, March 30, 2009

I Heart Faces: Pout & Pet

I thought this might be fun. It's "pout & pet" week on I immediately thought of this picture of my Gracie. This was during the girls' annual birthday photo shoot fun in the back yard. With Gracie, all I have to do is click the camera. She does the rest! She is hamming it up and imitating (quite well I might add) her pout.

And just because I like the pic and I know you haven't heard enough about my pooch. (wink, wink) Here's our Jasmine! She loves her some Gracie! :)


  1. these are very expressive photos. love the hat!

  2. Oh I love the pics, that first one cracks me up.

  3. great entries - love them both!

    Kristin K

  4. I love both of these :-) That first one cracks me up -- great expression!


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