Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dinner Drama

By now, most of us have heard the "Mom Song", right? 

Well, I was singing it at the dinner table. 
I know, I know... The dinner table is where families come together at the end of the day to make those deep, heartfelt connections. I know, and most dinners I do! However, as a homeschool mom I have multiple opportunities. So tonight, please just eat your dinner...

Gracie (our just turned 7 yr old) decides to write notes TO Gracie...
so mom can stop singing parts of the Mom Song.
It says, "Gracie, aet your Dinner! Love Mommy"
After she misspelled 'eat' the second time, my teacher hat revealed itself.
She then rewrites it correctly and proceeds to tell MOMMY to eat her dinner. It's appropriately decorated with with hearts, hugs & kisses.
note: Mommy and A-nator have eaten dinner and daddy is working late.

Then, this smart cookie decides to attempt the power of distraction.
Doesn't she realize moms invented that power?!

Gracie: "Hey, Mom, can you find the word 'Mommy' in this?"
Mom: "Yes, it's right there."
Gracie: "How can you see it?"
Mom: "Maybe it's my special mama eyes. Now eat your dinner."

"Why dint you fighnd it?"
The teacher in me is confused. She should know how to spell 'did'!
Yet, my heart melted when she used her 'igh' in night
special sound to write 'find'. 

Then she asks a question most of us have asked at some point in our lives...
Way! Way! Way! Oops, Mom corrects the mistake. Why! Why! Why!

Mom: "Gracie, if you don't eat your dinner you will not get popcorn."

Gracie: "You're making popcorn?!" Gracie sits back in her seat and writes,
"Why becaunes why kant I eat pocorn?"

I officially feel guilty my Gracie will be going to bed hungry,
but shouldn't because GRACIE requested this dinner.

Also making mental note...
We must work harder on spelling and not allow spelling city to do most of the job.

Apparently, I gave myself 'flowers' too.
My personal paycheck I suppose? :)

Possibly conversations between Gracie and God. Maybe they are in code so that my special mama eyes can't read them... or least try to correct misspellings. ;)

Did you know that Dad has a song too?


  1. So cute!

    Am I actually your first commenter?
    Very cool.

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  2. Oh my goodness, I think we have had some versions of that conversation at our dinner table. Our Emma is a bird at dinner, but hungry as a lion at breakfast.

  3. Welcome to blogdom! Love you girl!!


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